Implementing Plants Within Office Design
Updated on 15th Jul 2013 by Planters
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Office Plants and Landscaping

When designing your own home with interior decorations and plants, we all have different opinions and styles, but when it comes to a professional office environment it is a different matter. In this environment, a more neutral decor is preferred as the safe choice as office design has a great impact on both potential clients and employees.

In designing or re-designing an office or business environment, it is not only colour and style that is important. Creating a healthy indoor climate is just as important for getting the most out of employees and clients. A healthy indoor environment contributes to productivity, comfort and health of everyone in the workspace.

There are several steps in achieving the ideal workspace. The office has to be well ventilated with a constant comfortable temperature and humidity. It is also essential to ensure that the lighting and noise level is adequate. A mistake that is often made is that offices are created with too much neutral space - many offices look grey, boring and lack personality. With the use of office plants, many business owners find the solution to these issues. Office plants have a profound effect on both health and emotions and they bring a pleasant natural colour and ambience to any office space.

The type of building, location and line of business have a big influence on what kind of design style is implemented, but whether the design is contemporary or classic, office plants will always be needed. In a modern open office layout with wide open spaces which we often see here in Dubai, the acoustics can also become an issue resulting in disturbing echoes. Office plants and office landscaping can help prevent this because of the biological build of a plant actually absorbs sounds and it will also reduce background noise.

When planning a new office layout, it is important that office plants are considered in the planning from the beginning if you want to gain a healthy indoor climate. Office plants and other planted office displays should not be thrown together as an afterthought. Instead, take careful consideration in which plants are beneficial and where they should be placed, because many species work well together aesthetically and some species might not even be suitable in an office. The design of plant containers is also something to take into consideration as there are many different styles and colours on the market.

Implementing Office Plants

We at Planters Group would argue that what we do is a form of art. We blend the natural beauty of plants with the often sterile feel of an office. Choosing office plants that complement each other and suites the clients wishes within the office is a delicate balancing act which should not be taken lightly. After all, a poor paint job can be redone or a badly placed desk can be moved, but plants are living, delicate structures that need careful consideration in order to achieve the perfect work balance within the office. Once you've achieved this, it is essential that you maintain your plants regularly in order to enhance their lifespan.

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