Preserved & Artificial Plants: the Solution for Low-Light Interiors
Updated on 7th Jul 2015 by Planters
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Interior landscaping is a vital part of design and can create truly stunning environments when designed in harmony with the space. However, many interiors do not have enough light to support living plants which is why Planters have introduced and developed Preserved Moss walls, Preserved Palms, Artificial Plant walls and Artificial Trees. These products were created to allow lifelike plant displays to be present in environments that would not otherwise be conducive to housing plant life.


The preserved Green Wall at Pret to Go by Planters Group

Using the latest, cutting-edge practices, elements such as palm fronds, bark, moss, lichen and flowers are preserved within their natural living state, using a preservative that enables them to maintain their original structure and colour. The plants therefore do not decompose and do not need any light, water, drainage facilities or maintenance aside from the occasional dusting. During the preservation process, they can also be rendered Inherently Fire Retardant (IFR) and thereby both increase safety and minimise risk.

This advancement also means that internal plant displays are no longer limited by the levels of light within the buildings, and that the natural aesthetics of real plants can still be enjoyed without opting for fully artificial plants. It also allows larger plant structures such as palm trees, which traditionally require a great deal of both water and light, to be present indoors.

The applications of artificial plants range from entire wall coverings to three-dimensional plant displays and full-size architectural trees. These displays can be installed according to any size, specification or brief. Their lack of light requirements mean they can be placed in any room, and the lack of maintenance reduces the cost while maintaining their perfect condition.

Planters preserved moss and lichen walls use real foliage throughout that has been preserved to keep its original colour, texture and integrity. These displays require no water, irrigation or drainage systems, and additionally there are no weight considerations to take into account. This makes them the perfect solution for many businesses. Artificial plants are favoured in other instances and with the quality of modern production they appear so life-like that it is often impossible to distinguish them from live plants without actually touching them.

Planters Artificial is a part of the Planters Group and supply preserved palms, trees and foliage. The company also supplies artificial trees, created using the latest techniques and specifically developed to look as close to the real things as possible. As well as being Inherently Fire Retardant, Artificial Green Walls can also be UV Stabilised, allowing outdoor spaces to be furnished with foliage too.

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