Indoor Green Walls and Plant Wires

Planters are the sole representatives for Green Fortune Plant wires throughout the Middle East. See for more details, or contact Planters directly.

Inspired by the hanging vines found within rainforests, Planters introduce a new dimension of plant life into your interiors: Plant wires. It is now possible to extend greenery from ceilings and through atriums, indoor squares or large office entrances.

With technical similarities to our well-known Green Walls, our free-hanging Plant wires offer the possibility to add indoor greenery where before it was not possible. Each Plant wire installation is custom-made for each project and can be of almost any height.

Plant wires are particularly effective within large interiors, especially when walls are not available for the Green Walls structures, or when floor space is an issue. Planters provide a one-year guarantee and professional service agreement with each Plant wire, to ensure your installation maintains its splendor.

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