The preservation of the plants is a unique and ecological process that consists in substituting the sap with a preservative: a substance that is similar to sugar, 100% biodegradable. The sap is completely evaporated in order to give way to a mixture of natural glycerin, water and food coloring. Thanks to the preservation the plants and foliage are able to preserve their natural flexibility and freshness without any maintenance.

Our Green Walls are created utilizing standard sized panels and custom sized panels according to your wall measurements. For walls with lichen and foliage the standard panels are 115 X 75 cm. For walls with lichen the standard panels are 75 X 75 cm. The greenery is supported by panels in MDF or Forex that are 3 to 10 mm thick. They can easily be applied on any surface.

Planters offer full range of Green Walls & Vertical Gardens services:
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Green Mosswalls Plants
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