Greenery in Urban Areas
Planters in times square
Updated on 21st May 2013 by Planters
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In today's urban world we often eradicate plants in place of roads and buildings, overlooking their beauty and benefits for the sake of convenience. Many think you can have either or; nature or buildings, but in fact, the two can be intertwined. Planters bring nature indoors, landscaping the interiors of buildings to uplift and harmonise the environment.

Bringing the Outdoors Inside

Interior landscaping involves the design, supply, installation, and maintenance of plants within buildings; and this is something that Planters have been doing for 25 years. Beautiful plant displays bring life and energy into dull surroundings and in such a concrete world, the injection of plant life is of the utmost importance.

Planters in times square

Interior landscaping by Planters in Times Square Mall

Buildings that have been constructed to allow a great deal of natural light into the structure can opt to have living trees and plants within their interior. However, there is also an innovative solution for buildings without natural light: preserved trees, plants and flowers. Planters Artificial, the specialist indoor tree company owned by Planters Horticulture, preserves living foliage in its best natural state and preserved plants can, therefore, be installed to a similar effect within the building and exist without light and with less maintenance.

The Freshest Exterior

The exterior can be landscaped as well, whether inside or outside, Planters are the first to introduce Living Green Walls to the Middle East region. Living Green Walls are erected upon an existing wall, with a hydration and nutrition system installed in the plant base. The greenery is selected according to the effect you wish to attain; be it neat, low-maintenance plants or a wild, forest-like effect.

Fresh Interior Plantwall

Urban Solutions

Urban exteriors can instantly be revitalised by green walls, which take up no space and provide a dramatic and uplifting effect. Exterior landscaping is another option, for which ground space is necessary; however, it is also possible to work within smaller constraints.

Urban interiors can be subjected to the same treatment; Living Green Walls can be installed, whether living or preserved and similarly the interior can be landscaped with living or preserved trees, plants and flowers to create a dynamic yet harmonious environment within four walls.

Interior Landscaping in JW MarriotInterior landscaping by Planters in JW Mariott Hotel, Dubai 

Planters have received 10 awards since 2002 and are the largest interior landscaping firm in the Middle East. For more information, please call +971 4 388 3283, email or visit

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