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JW Marriot Hotel Viridian Artificial Trees
Updated on 13th Jun 2013 by Planters
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Having supplied artificial trees for over 20 years, Planters Artificial comfortably meets the highest standards in both design and safety. Their skilled craftsmen have a vast experience in producing the most botanically accurate artificial trees; each one being carefully crafted to create the most lifelike alternative to the original trees. 
JW Marriot Hotel Viridian Artificial Trees
Planters Artificial's trees
are available in a large range of sizes; from one to seven meters in height, and can also be custom-made to match specifications. The artificials have been used successfully in many demanding projects, including Sama Lagoons, JW Marriott Hotel and the Emirates Headquarters. Planters Artificial pride themselves on providing the highest standards in replication.
Emirates Headquaters Viridian Ficus Trees
          Ficus Trees by Planters Artificial in Emirates Headquarters, Dubai
Each artificial tree comes with a five-year warranty and the option to add even more life and vibrancy to the display with inherently fire-retardant foliage.

Sama Lagoon Sales Office Viridian Artificial TreesPlanters Artificial's trees are fabricated from preserved tree trunks and finished with silk leaves; hence they require none of the watering, light, feeding or trimming that is necessary for natural trees. A regular cleaning programme is necessary to ensure they remain in top condition; looking fresh and lifelike.

Planters Artificial is able to supply almost any artificial tree required, although the most popular choices are ficus and olive trees. Artificial trees are the perfect way to add life and interest to an area that has little to no natural light, including offices, malls, hotels and palaces; and with no maintenance required, they are ideal indoor plants for busy environments.

For more information and enquiries about Planters Artificial's trees, please contact +971 4 388 3283, email or visit
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