Planters to Receive BALI Award 2017 for Interior Landscape
Plant Wires Project in Oman
Updated on 10th Oct 2017 by Planters
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Planters at BALI 2017 

Planters Horticulture will receive another BALI award from the British Association of Landscaping Industries during the 2017 ceremony for their Installation of Interior Landscaping category, marking another great year for Planters, the largest interior landscaping firm located in the United Arab Emirates. This year's recognition ceremony, where Planters will formally receive their award, is scheduled for 1 December 2017 and will be hosted at the Grosvenor House in London.

Plant Wires Project in Oman

Planters 2017 BALI Awards

The BALI award recognizes superior quality and professional achievement in the landscaping services field, and was given to Planters for a latest project in Oman that included the use of plant wires, an innovating solution that allows living plant structures to be extended down from ceilings throughout an interior space, creating a free-floating vertical plane that is otherwise unattainable and bringing nature into areas of the building that would otherwise be impossible to punctuate with the vibrant greenery Planters is known for. 

Plant Wires by Planters
Planters dedication to breathtaking design and cutting-edge landscape design solutions consistently sets the company apart from the competition, making it a leader in the interior landscaping space and repeatedly earning the respect of the British Association of Landscaping Industries.

BALI Awards 2017 Winning Plant Wires Project
Planters Horticulture will receive another BALI award from the British Association of Landscaping Industries during the 2017 ceremony for their Installation of Interior Landscaping category, marking another great year for Planters, the largest interior landscape. 

This isn’t the first year that Planters has been recognized by the esteemed British Association of Landscaping Industries.

In 2012, Planters received the award for the interior landscaping at the famous Hilton Hotel Apartments in Dubai. The installation featured 260 plant displays spread throughout the lobby, swimming pool area, restaurant terrace, various public spaces, and guest room. Due to the luxurious nature of the building, Planters focused on a modern, but minimalist interior landscaping design that complemented the clean lines of the space while adding a natural element to promote a relaxing and sophisticated atmosphere.

In 2011, for Planters' interior landscaping work on the 45-story Grosvenor House Tower II in Dubai, they also received a BALI award. The lobby included multiple Ficus trees, each reaching heights of eight meters, as well as peace lily and orchid displays. The intent was to enhance the established personality of the Grosvenor House and reflect the undeniably superlative taste of the interior space while mirroring the ethos.

Planters was also recognized with a BALI award for the Dubai Airport Zen Gardens and a separate award in the interior landscaping maintenance category for the BurJaman Mall in Dubai in 2008. For their work at the Burjuman Mall, Planters was specifically recognized for the painstaking work required to keep the various exotic trees within the facility in superb condition, which was no small task. The Dubai Airport Zen Garden, which was designed by Phillip Cave of Phillip Cave Associates in London, was awarded for its use of high-quality materials and overall client satisfaction.

About BALI

BALI Landscape Awards LogoBALI is a leading trade association with over 850 professional landscaping, grounds maintenance, and gardening members. The organization was founded to promote, support, and inspire all of those working in the field to be leaders in these areas of ethical and environmentally friendly design as well as commercially sustainable landscaping practices.

The BALI awards look to recognize business operating in the landscape design space for exceptional work that coincidences with the association’s larger mission.

BALI Awards Categories

The BALI awards recognise landscape companies from across the globe based on a variety of categories, including:
  • Domestic Garden Construction
  • Soft Landscaping Construction
  • Hard Landscaping Construction
  • Community and Schools Development
  • Regeneration Scheme
  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Sports Ground and Leisure Facilities
  • Interior Landscape
  • Green Roof Installation and Roof Gardens
There is also an international award, design excellence award, affiliate exceptional service award, and employer excellence award.

Some of the BALI awards categories are broken down by price point, providing a mechanism to recognize projects with varying budgets.

About Planters

Interior Landscaping

Planters was established in Dubai in 1978 and is currently the largest interior landscaping company operating in the Gulf. The company specialises in providing superior landscape design, installation, and maintenance services to area businesses and homes.

Since 2002, Planters has been recognized by the British Association of Landscape Industries on an annual basis and also received the Dubai Service Excellence Scheme Award in 2003.

Along with interior and exterior landscaping services, Planters also provides preserved and artificial trees for use both indoors and outdoors, as well as green or living wall installations and a variety of plant containers, ensuring all of one’s landscaping needs can be met internally. The company strives to stay on top of emerging trends and works to create cutting-edge and unique designs for all of their clients located in Dubai and the surrounding area.
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