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Updated on 21st May 2018 by Planters
Masdar City, UAE
Sustainability in the UAEThirty percent of our planet’s land is considered to be ‘arid’ and this number is only set to increase with the rapid climate change. As the climate changes, so must we and the way that we think about sustainability in use throughout the cities that dwell within...
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Updated on 30th Apr 2018 by Planters
Moss Wall in the Dubai Showroom
Biophilic Design is the freshest design trend Biophilia: Why we need to be closer to NatureRecently, biophilia has become one of the dominant trends in interior design, as one of the expressions towards more sustainable or “green” principles in construction and décor. The “biophilia hypothesis”, was introduced by Edward O. Wilson...
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Updated on 27th Apr 2018 by Planters
Living Green Wall at Leopolds Dubai
Vertical Gardens What happens when you would really love a garden but your city apartment didn’t come with an extra acre for a garden? For most people, this would be the end of their dream. At Planters, we design plush gardens in the smallest of spaces through a modern technique called...
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Updated on 11th Dec 2017 by Planters
Plant Walls
Benefits of Biophilia in Hospitals and Medical Facilities Recently, medical journals and the media have focused much talk on the topic of ‘earthing.’ In short, this refers to the idea of connecting with nature via direct physical contact – whether that be bare feet or hands. Biophilia is the result of...
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Updated on 12th Nov 2013 by Planters
Planters Plant Wire
Plant Wires for Modern InteriorsThe rainforest is a fascinating place of untamed wildlife, with vines and tendrils that trail down from the trees and form the inspiration behind the new plant wires now offered by Planters Horticulture. The plant wires are living structures that can extend down from ceilings and...
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