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Dubai Airport Landscape Design
Business owners and commercial firms all over the world have now started incorporating landscape design into their marketing strategies. Imagine a setting with well-manicured grass and a variety of green foliage, colourful plants and trees strategically placed. It simply oozes professionalism and creates a good impression to passersby who might...
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Green Walls for Sustainable Landscaping
The landscaping sector in the GCC is experiencing immense growth. This is due to the increased awareness and recognition that it is receiving from key stakeholders. That includes government and corporate organisations. The GCC governments have realised the importance of maintaining their natural facilities. As a consequence, the GCC has...
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Updated on 24th Jun 2019 by Planters
Restaurant Plant Wall as Indoor Landscape
We still have the genetics of wild animals. We see plants as our source of safety, our home, our habitat. They help reduce the chaos in our concrete jungle. But they don’t only belong outside our premises. We need them inside our houses, our offices, our wellness centres, our schools...
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2 indoor office plants
Have you ever heard something so ridiculous yet so commonly practiced? Well, it would be difficult to think that something everyone does or believes in is a myth unless you are a specialist in that field. There are a lot of common myths that people believe in when it...
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Interior Design Trends
Interior Design Trends to Watch Out ForPeople spend a great deal of their time in the work environment. This is why those who own or manage commercial premises in the UAE, and across the globe, are becoming more and more concerned with providing an interesting and well-designed working space. If...
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