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Interior Design Trends
Interior Design Trends to Watch Out ForPeople spend a great deal of their time in the work environment. This is why those who own or manage commercial premises in the UAE, and across the globe, are becoming more and more concerned with providing an interesting and well-designed working space. If...
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Updated on 28th Feb 2019 by Planters
Business is tough and highly competitive. In most instances, the business with the best product or service makes the most sales. But what happens when rival businesses are offering the same quality product or service? To set yourself apart, you would look at improving other aspects of your business. For...
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Green Walls at Citi
All About Living Green WallsGreen walls is one of the fastest growing trends in office interior design in Dubai and in the UAE over the past few years. As 2018 comes to an end, the fast paced modern world of business has seen yet more benefits in using green wall construction...
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Plant Wall at Coya Spa
Grow your business with indoor office plantsWhen correctly chosen and planted by industry leading professionals, the humble office plant has the ability to completely transform an office space. There are now more statistics which show the benefits of having office plants as part of your décor. These advantages range from...
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Exterior Landscape
Landscaping Designs in the UAECities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi are becoming the business hubs in the region and have seen rapid development and advancement over the time.  Due to this growth, different sectors and industries have also strived to come up with new innovations; and the landscaping industry is...
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