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2 indoor office plants
Have you ever heard something so ridiculous yet so commonly practiced? Well, it would be difficult to think that something everyone does or believes in is a myth unless you are a specialist in that field. There are a lot of common myths that people believe in when it...
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Interior Design Trends
Interior Design Trends to Watch Out ForPeople spend a great deal of their time in the work environment. This is why those who own or manage commercial premises in the UAE, and across the globe, are becoming more and more concerned with providing an interesting and well-designed working space. If...
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Plant Wall at Coya Spa
Grow your business with indoor office plantsWhen correctly chosen and planted by industry leading professionals, the humble office plant has the ability to completely transform an office space. There are now more statistics which show the benefits of having office plants as part of your décor. These advantages range from...
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Plant Containers by Planters
Plant Containers for your Interior RevampThe psychology of humans is such that we excel in the perception of freedom. Transfer this cognizance into a workplace and boom, productivity increases tenfold. See, as humans, being locked up in a place creates the feeling of boredom and loneliness. It makes us loathe...
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Indoor Plant Walls
Landscaping in the UAEThe UAE is probably best known for the way in which its cities have seemingly sprung up from nothing to become some of the brightest stars in the Middle East. This rapid growth has taken part on almost all levels of the economy and has led to...
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