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Our moss walls, furniture, shapes and logos are made entirely from the finest preserved natural moss from Scandinavia.

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Planters is a leading moss wall solutions provider in the region. Our sustainably sourced moss, harvested with meticulous care from Europe, ensures no adverse environmental impact on natural resources.

The preserved moss wall is an exceptional interior product, offering tactile, sound-absorbing, and humidity-balancing properties. Its flexibility allows for the creation of images, patterns, designs, and logos, providing a high-impact visual and physical experience. 

Planters’ landscape designers specialise in crafting and installing various moss products, ranging from standard green wall solutions to curated green experiences that include walls, furniture, corporate logos, and shapes. We have successfully executed prestigious moss projects for notable clients, including JETEX and Bloomberg, showcasing our commitment to excellence in green solutions.  The moss options come in three varieties: Reindeer Lichen Moss (available in two colours), Flat Moss, and Moss Hills. 

As a durable solution with minimal maintenance requirements, our moss products complement any environment seamlessly. The possibilities for the final product are limited only by your imagination, making Planters the go-to moss wall supplier in the UAE and across the region.

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