Message from Planters Founder

From humble beginnings to becoming the Leading landscape company in UAE

40 years have now passed since Planters’ first tentative steps in the UAE when I opened our Dubai office. Back in 1979 there was a palpable sense of promise and optimism about the place that was so exciting. I feel hugely privileged to have witnessed and for Planters to have participated in Dubai and the UAE’s extraordinary journey since that time.

Planters has always felt like my second family and I would like to pay tribute to our wonderful team who have played the major part in the company’s success. Of our nearly 2,000 on-going maintenance contracts there are many that have been held for decades such has been our clients’ loyalty. That loyalty comes only from outstanding service by our staff.

Looking ahead that original sense of excitement and optimism remains as strong as ever as I look forward to Expo 2020 Dubai, the 50th anniversary of the UAE, and Planters’ continued growth in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and beyond.

David McBryde
Founder & Managing Director

Planters Horticulture LLC

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