A landscaping company established in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 1978, Planters is now the largest interior landscape company in the Gulf.

We specialise in the supply of superior interior & exterior landscaping, offering the very best in terms of design, range of products, and on-going maintenance.

Planters are unrivalled within the UAE and a fierce contender worldwide, having won yearly awards from the British Association of Landscape Industries since 2002, as well as receiving the Dubai Service Excellence Scheme Award in 2003.


As cities grow and the urban population expands. Our vision is to provide the best and most innovative landscaping solutions so as to fulfil the deep need for humans to reconnect with plants and nature in the urban environment. To make a significant contribution towards ‘greening’ cities for the enhancement of natural sustainability and human happiness.

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We are a diverse team of dedicated and hard working professionals - passionate about greening the environment. Click to see who we are.

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