10 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Landscaping Company

If your business has a landscaping project to complete, big or small, it’s important to find the best company to tackle the task. There are a number of landscape companies available throughout Dubai. But choosing the right company in the GCC to design your landscaping projects might be a daunting task. To help with identifying the right contractor for your project, here are 10 things to consider before hiring a landscaping company.

How Long Have They Been In The Industry?

Experience says a lot when it comes to landscape contractors in Dubai. This is your landscaping that is at stake here – don’t risk a mistake by using a company that is inexperienced.

Perhaps the biggest benefit that comes with many years of experience is the sheer volume of situations a company will assess and problems they will solve over time. A new company simply hasn’t developed their skill set to as high a level.

Planters has been around since 1979, and has used the time wisely – we’re now the largest landscaping company in the region.

What Are The Highlights Of Their Portfolio?

As is the case with any construction or landscaping project, it is important for businesses to view past work of the contractors they are considering. The best landscape contractors in Dubai have experience with the indoor and outdoor climates and settings in the area.

Most importantly, a business doesn’t want their project to be an experiment. You want to have confidence that the landscaping contractors know Dubai and can approach your situation with experience.

Because Dubai has grown so rapidly in the past decade plus, there are a number of new businesses in and around the city. As a business, take the initiative to confirm that you are bringing on a team of experienced professionals familiar with landscaping projects in the Gulf region.

What Do Past Clients Say About Them?

Online reviews make a great impact on business decisions these days. In fact, Forbes reported that 88% of customers trust online reviews as much as they do a personal recommendation from a family member or friend. That’s a significant indicator – and businesses need to pay attention to reviews before hiring a company.

A reputable brand will also have a client listing or testimonial page on their website. If a company makes it difficult to find out what others are saying about them, that’s a sure indicator that their work isn’t up to par.

World Map made of Moss from Planters

What Approach Will They Take To Your Project?

Businesses typically bring a vision to the table for how their landscaping project will look. At the very least, they’ll have a sense of the size and budget they’re hoping to work for. Does this sound like you?

At Planters, we’re accustomed to working alongside our clients to bring their vision to life. No matter which landscape contractor in Dubai you eventually contract, make sure their approach fits with your vision and within your comfort zone. Otherwise, you may find yourself with a bigger hitch than you bargained for.

How Long Will It Take Them To Complete The Project?

Projects sometimes take weeks to complete. This is normal. But it is important to identify a landscape contractor that will develop a timeline and stick to it. Particularly depending on the arrangement set forth with your business.

Before signing a contract, go over the time frame with the landscape contractor in Dubai. The last thing you’d need is a landscaping project that comes in late and over budget.

How Comprehensive Is Their Quote?

On that note, take a good look at the quote you receive from the landscape contractor. What is included? Is it a start-to-finish quote, or broken down into segments and potentially containing hidden fees?

We strongly encourage businesses to sign with a company that is upfront about costs and what is entailed in a project. Honesty is as important in this industry as any other. A good quote is a representative of what the project will cost – go with a company you can trust!

Does The Company Handle Post-Installation Maintenance?

What happens after the project is finished? The best landscape contractors in Dubai understand that the work is never really done. That’s why businesses should choose landscapers that will provide ongoing care to the plants.

Planters is proud to guarantee the best maintenance for your landscaping project. We aren’t going to pack up and disappear after getting that final “Looks great!” from you. We’re never more than a phone call away, and will be onsite to keep your landscaping looking and feeling great for years to come.

Snake Plants in Office Storage Planters

Is The Firm Helpful With Answering Questions?

Your business specialises in serving its customers. Landscape contractors in Dubai are no different – the goal is to ensure a project meets all of the client’s needs. This includes answering questions that arise before, during, and after the project. Being a landscaping expert, the firm should be open to taking questions from cliens. This is often a good representation of how much care they put into their work.

Do They Allow Customisation?

As we’ve mentioned before, the goal of a landscaping project is to bring the client’s vision to life. This includes customised designs and layouts. Every space is as different as the customer, and the best landscape contractors understand this.

Businesses should be encouraged to bring their ideas to the table. After all, it’s your project! When each detail is considered, landscaping projects come out much better and clients are much happier. Therefore, never hesitate to request specific criteria and don’t be shy about asking for modifications.

Are The Staff Members Knowledgeable About A Variety Of Circumstances?

This is a big one. It plays off the idea of experience – has the landscape contractor worked in a situation similar to yours before? Are they familiar with any problems that may arise with space, slope, climate, or other outlying factors?

Confirm that the landscaping company is familiar with your scenario before proceeding. If not, find someone who is.

The Big Picture

Landscape contractors in Dubai should be ready to serve your project with knowledge and openness. There’s no reason for businesses to short themselves by hiring a company without experience or that just doesn’t seem to mesh well with your vision. Planters is here for you – and we hope to continue earning your trust as the best landscape contractor in Dubai.

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