Improve Work Environment with the Best Indoor Office Plants in UAE

Grow your business with indoor office plants

When correctly chosen and planted by industry leading professionals, the humble office plant has the ability to completely transform an office space. There are now more statistics which show the benefits of having office plants as part of your décor. These advantages range from environmental, right through to the more financially focused gains. Either way, more and more businesses are making the most of their inside space by adding indoor office plants to their infrastructure.

For anyone who wants to reap the benefits of plants in their business premises, there may be some lingering questions in mind that need to be addressed. In this article, we plan to answer some of these to convince you of the importance of these greeneries within your business.

What are the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about office plants in the UAE?

What are the benefits of indoor office plants to employees?

Over the years there have been many studies carried out to identify the benefits plants have for a company’s employees. The results have shown that across the world, the effect of having plants within your workspace is generally positive.  Plants have the amazing ability to reduce the stress levels of your employees. Indoor office plants in UAE have been used as a means of bettering employee’s sense of well-being. In a sterile environment with no office plants, tests have shown lower levels of concentration than in the same setting with the presence of these greeneries.

Office plants can be installed within any type of space and have the ability to transform your office into one that employees enjoy coming to. By creating a more attractive working environment, you will not only be making it a nicer place to work in, but you will also be making it a healthier one.

What is it about indoor office plants that make us feel better? Do they improve people’s mood?

Plants and nature, in general, have always had the ability to ease stress and calm the mind. As mentioned above, they have been proven to better levels of concentration. But the biggest effect that office plants, in particular, have on us is that they set the mood of any setting.

Office plants have the ability to dampen sound that normally occurs in fast-paced working environments. Adding plants to the office interior can help to keep the mind clearer and can lower stress levels.

Indoor office plants also have the amazing ability to clean the air which circulates through the office. This can have a drastic effect on the quality of the air inside the office but also on the employees’ health in general. Cleaner air means fewer pollutants which in turn means fewer people taking sick leaves. The use of certain office plants can help create a visually stunning workspace that both employees and clients will benefit from in the long-term.

Green Wall from Planters

Do indoor office plants improve an employee’s productivity and creativity?

The effects of having an office filled with plants versus the same office with no plants to employee’s productivity and creativity have been well documented. One of the most widely known studies was carried out by Washington State scientists and published in the ‘Journal of Environmental Horticulture’. The results showed that those who were tested in an office with plants showed 12% higher productivity than the people who were tested in an office without plants. The scientists also noted that there was a 10% increase in the levels of concentration when office plants were present.

Creativity is affected by the presence of indoor office plants as well. When employees are allowed the sense of well-being and clarity that is offered by office plants, there is far more room for them to be creative. Plants are able to do this by creating a visually stimulating environment, purifying the air and lowering the blood pressure which in turn lowers stress levels. All of these properties can affect creativity and well-being in a positive way. Some companies have benefitted from these effects even further by providing spaces where teams or individuals can go to creatively think through a problem. These spaces are usually decorated using live plants to boost creativity.

What are the best office plants available in the UAE?

When it comes to office plants in UAE, you will want to decorate your office with only the best. There are a number of factors that you will want to take into account in choosing the best types of plants in your office. Quality should be the top priority. It will ultimately determine what you are getting for your investment and how long that investment will last as well as the effect that investment will have on your business. The higher the quality, the longer the lifespan and thus, the higher the return on your initial investment.

In order to find the best office plants in the UAE, you first need to enlist the help of the best office plant supplier in the UAE. Industry leaders like Planters will not only be able to guide you towards the best plants within your budget but they will be able to open your eyes to a whole world of design ideas that you may not have even thought about. The best office plants for your office will always be the ones that best serve your own individual business needs. They will be the plants that best suit your office environment and work with both your existing décor and within your budget.

Is there a best place in the office to put the chosen office plants?

From a design perspective, there are thousands of ways you can use office plants within your chosen space. But where is the best? Again, the best place to put your office plants will always depend on how you want to benefit from them.

If you want them to work quietly in the background, cleaning the air and dampening sound, then place them against the wall or along the windowsill. If, however, you want them to be more of a feature within the office, then you might consider getting a few larger office plants or even small trees. Some office plants can be placed on shelves which are then used to partition off areas, or you could transform your entire office into a forest. There really is no limit to what the industry leading professionals can do nowadays.

You will also want to take into account the amount of light that is available within your office space. If you have an office space that is drenched in natural light, then you are lucky enough to be able to choose any plants you like. You will also be able to install them wherever you like.

Some offices will have lower levels of light in certain areas which makes these areas unsuitable for certain species of plant. There are, however, ways around these limitations as there are various types of plants that thrive in a low light environment and so would be perfect for an office that lacks light. When these limitations are removed, the possibilities are endless and plants can be used anywhere from small desk plants to entire plant walls.

Trees and under planting from Planters

What type of plant containers can be used?

When installing plants into an office space design, one of the best ways to make the most of these plants is to carefully consider the containers that they will be planted in. With the right choice of containers, you will be able to drastically change the effect that the plants have. This is a critical decision as it really can have a big impact on the way your plants are used. Take small desk plants, for example, you could choose to have them in a long planter that runs length ways separating two work spaces, or you could choose to have an individual plant on each desk. Even then, you will be able to choose a uniform shape size and colour or go for mixed shapes and different colours. The choice really is yours.

Is there any risk associated with live plants?

Probably the only downside at all in choosing to include live plants in your office décor is the fact that there can be the occasional risk of someone having hay-fever or some allergies. Fortunately, most varieties of office plants can be checked for levels of allergens before they are introduced to the design if that is indeed a worry. The only other risks are to the plants themselves.

With live plants you are introducing a growing and live thing into your office space. If these plants are not correctly cared for then there is a risk of them dying. Therefore, it is important to take into account factors like heat and sufficient supply of nutrients when you are maintaining your plants.

Are office plants hard to take care of?

There is an art to letting plants perform their absolute best, and while general maintenance of office plants is no great secret, there is definitely a right way and a wrong way. You may choose to look after your plants yourself and can even make it a bonding exercise for your staff so that everyone feels a part of the office and responsible for it. The problem with this approach is that the professionals advise that for a year after planting them will need nutrients and steady or regular checks in order to look their very best.

The best interior landscaping contractors in Dubai will also offer a maintenance service where they can come and look after your plants for you.

What are the best low maintenance office plants in the UAE? (Office plants that are easiest to take care of)

Some plants will be a lot easier to take care of and to maintain. For most plant types if you get high quality plants then they will be in far better condition and will have been grown in a manner that leaves them stronger and need less maintenance than their lower quality counterparts. Some varieties of office plants, however, are far easier to take care of in general.

Here are some office plant varieties that are generally low maintenance:

The spider plant – This plant both purifies the air and can go a few days without being watered. This is a low light plant and it is easy to take off a piece and re-plant as well.

Wooden Planters and Snake Plants

The snake plant – This plant has been described as ‘hard to kill’ as it can go days without the need for water. It is an attractive plant that loves room temperature and purifies air.

Bamboo Palm – Another plant that grows well in low light, the bamboo palm, is more suited to those with larger office spaces as it grows very rapidly.

Which plants offers the best health benefits? (And what are they?)

Of all the benefits of introducing office plants into your business, one of the most prolific will be the health benefits offered to you and your employees. We have already mentioned some of these above to include a better sense of well-being and upping your employee’s creativity and productivity. The right office plants are also able to purify the air that you breathe. This can be incredibly effective within an office environment as it can lower levels of all manner of harmful gasses in the air. With cleaner air leading to better health and higher productivity due to lower levels of sickness, it is important to know which species of office plants offer you the biggest benefits for your health.

Here are some of the office plants in the UAE with the best health benefits:

  • Boston Fern – The Boston Fern is a great plant species for air purification. It thrives in moderate light conditions and is able to remove Xylene and Formaldehyde from the air.
  • Dracaena – This beautiful plant is great for office spaces as it thrives in low light conditions and is one of the most prolific air purifiers as it removes Benzene, Formaldahyde, Tricholoroethylene and Xylene from the air.
  • Spider plant – Like the Boston fern, the spider plant thrives in moderate light and has the ability to remove Xylene and Formaldahyde from your office’s air.
  • Peace Lily – This is another office favourite due to its amazing air purifying abilities as it removes Ammonia, Benzene, Formaldehyde and Trichloroethylene from the air. This plant though, needs a lot of light to thrive.
  • Ficus Benjamina – Last on our list of the plants with the best health benefits in the UAE is another light loving plant that is capable of removing Benzene, Formaldahyde and Trichloroethylene from the air in your office.

So you see with the right plants, you have the ability to greatly affect the health and happiness of your staff. Not to mention the productivity and creativity of your workforce, improving the overall performance of your company. If you are interested in making the most of office plants within your office then please do not hesitate to contact Planters, the industry leading experts in the gulf and see what we can do for your office space.

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