Landscaping Ideas for Your Restaurant Business

Landscaping Tips

More people are now embracing greenery in their living environments. Obvious benefits like improved health and well-being stand to be enjoyed. Besides promoting biodiversity in built-up areas and cities, green landscaping has been seen to facilitate better water management and even reduce noise pollution.

Even the green inimical persons in society appreciate the fact that greenery helps at raising the value of homes and business spaces. Here, we are going to explore the many incredible landscaping ideas that have embraced greenery and which have helped transform buildings and landscapes.

The entrance of the restaurant

Your restaurant stands a grandiose chance of success once you decide to tap into the greenery landscape arena. The green landscape you create in a restaurant serves to give your clients an excellent nature-like experience while creating a relaxed ambiance.

Restaurateurs are often looking for new landscaping ideas that will enthrall their new and existing patrons. Here are some fascinating insights to explore.

Using trees in restaurant landscaping

Having trees at the entrance of your restaurant helps in creating a good first impression. Landscape design tricks are being used to make restaurants and buildings “greener” and less of concrete blocks. Faux plants and palm trees always accentuate a building’s overall look and feel. Having a boulevard or merely two decorative plants on both sides of the entrance is neat and requires less upkeep. Burjuman Mall presents a perfect example of how you can use trees to improve the look of the access to your restaurant.

Get colourful plants

Sprucing up the exterior of a restaurant may only require you splashing a little green in the form of colourful plants. The restaurant’s look will dramatically change once you invest in bright colours that immediately set the restaurant’s mood and even complement the colour theme. Bright plants such as peace lily and spider plants will quickly turn your entrance into a gateway to haven. The striped calathea plant will give your restaurant a green theme, yet the white splash offers a peaceful and welcoming feel. More often than not, it is easy to use bright coloured plants to accentuate the paint used on the restaurant walls.

Why not use shrubs?

Shrubs can be used as walls to your restaurant where customers are protected from the street by the bushy trees. Shrubs can also be directly used to accentuate the mood and colour theme of the restaurant. You can use such a shrub to frame the garden of your restaurant or just use several shrubs to form a perimeter fence. In a place like Dubai, an evergreen shrub might be more practical than a seasonal one.

In Dubai, shrubs are generously used as facades by restaurants. While these plants contribute to the cooling of the restaurant, they do create a natural relaxed environment for the customers.

Spruce up your restaurant’s entrance with flowering plants

Flowering plants on the exterior of restaurants is more common than you think. The good thing with flowers is that you can use the potted ones and even change them as you please. Many landscaping companies in Dubai actually recommend potted flowers mainly because you can change them depending on the season or occasion. These plants can be used to form a façade and, at times, a hedge. Flowers quickly set the mood of your restaurant since there are a number of types and colours to choose from. Remember, while landscaping, that flowering plants bloom once or at specific times every year, hence the need to know when and how to use them at the entrance.

Amplify your restaurant’s style with a vertical garden

Vertical gardens carry the idea of sustainability, especially in a city like Dubai. When you install a vertical garden at the entrance of your restaurant, people will be attracted to its natural appeal. Moreover, the plants will help at filtering pollutants and carbon dioxide, and this makes the quality of the air inside better.

In a city where the temperatures soar past 30°C, people are looking for cooler places where they can escape to. Exterior vertical gardens reduce the heat in a restaurant. The heat reduction benefit is coupled with significant energy saving, mainly because in Dubai, air-conditioning is the order of the day.

Green Wall in restaurant from Planters
Couqley French Bistro, Dubai.

Use Topiaries

Everybody loves the beauty and artistry of topiaries. Topiary is the calligraphy of gardening, and you can write any exotic message that you want with it. Topiary does not only highlight the interior of your restaurant, but it also helps you give your business a signature theme and mood.

There are different places inside a restaurant where you can put topiaries. There are a number of landscape design experts that will help you to appropriately place your topiaries in a way that your business will reap the most value out of them.

You can use a single topiary in the middle of the room and which will serve as the central point of the restaurant. There are spiraling tall topiaries that can be placed in central locations or by the wall. The good thing with topiaries is that you can shape them into whatever shape you wish. There are ball-shaped, square, or even letters. You are literally at liberty to curve any shape out of the plants available.

Create live Hedges

The use of hedges to beautify the interior of a restaurant is a growing trend. As such, it is important to know the best hedges that you can invest in to get the best interior décor for your business. Hedges can be continuous or separate plants placed at specific intervals to form a pattern. Hedges are easy to establish, given that many plants can be used for this.

Invest in a Bonsai tree

Bonsai is an art that has, for centuries, been perfected by the Japanese. It is the cultivation of trees in containers. Such trees are typically dwarfed but exude the exact traits as those of a mature tree. Bonsai is a popular interior décor trick that has been embraced by many urban greenery enthusiasts.

Owning a bonsai requires that you work on a miniature tree, which might be tedious. Landscape contractors in Dubai will help you avoid the hassle by providing you with a range of real and artificial bonsai trees.

The use of Bonsai art inside a restaurant offers the workers and patrons an immeasurable display of beauty. You can opt to have many such potted trees or just one. These trees easily give restaurants a serene atmosphere.

Transform the interior with a Green wall

Having a green wall inside your restaurant comes with a myriad of benefits, among them cleaner and fresher air. This wall will transform your business into an eco-friendly haven where patrons will want to return every time. Such a wall can be used to cover entire walls or part of a wall. The green wall concept has been embraced by big Dubai players such as Dubai Media, where entire walls of a room are covered in green, artificial plants. Safra Sarasin is another entity where you can get the green wall idea. As living green wall experts in Dubai, Planters can provide you with living green wall options as well as artificial ones.

For outdoor patios

A patio is a fun outdoor place where people love to lounge and spend their evenings. This is especially the case when such a patio is well-landscaped. It can be transformed by just hanging shrub baskets or installing a fireplace. You can have a simple bonsai or topiary to accentuate this area considered a favourite by many. While plants and flowers are the most ideal for this area, remember to avoid using those that attract bees. Here are a few ideas of how you can landscape it:

Reap major benefits from using Trellis

A professionally-installed trellis will transform your patio into a beguiling haven where patrons will want to frequent whenever they visit your restaurant. The structure of the trellis should be both decorative and functional. Trellis in a restaurant acts as a strong backbone for rambling vegetables and climbing vines and fruits.

A trellis will always add the much-needed greenery to your restaurant business. For the restaurants that often have outdoor activities, a trellis can be designed to be the focal point. A trellis will heighten the mood in a wedding, a band performance, or a lecture from a speaker and guarantees the unending appeal of your restaurant.

Trellis ideas in a restaurant include building an arbor trellis or have some bamboo vases spread around. You can set up sitting spaces for customers inside the lushness of a garden too. If with a sizeable backyard, a green trellis is certainly the way to go.

Transform the patio with shrubs or flowering plants

The vastness of a patio can be turned into a valuable part of your restaurant. Many landscaping companies in the UAE consider patios as important areas that need to be benefited from by restaurants. Shrubs will make your patio greener and will help at cooling the restaurant. You can build customers’ sitting places around a shrub or have bushes surrounding the sitting area. The aesthetic beauty of shrubs and flowering plants can be enjoyed from the inside and also from the outside.

Shrubs and Hedges from Planters
Address Hotel, Dubai

Garden with Hydroponics or Aeroponics system

In hydroponics farming, you use water to grow plants. No soil is necessary. You will enrich the water with liquid plant food hence sustaining the plants’ growth requirements. These plants can be ideal if the space you have is constricted. You can hang these plants or have them along the edges of the patio.

Aeroponics is designed to make plants grow in moist environments. The plants are suspended in an enclosed place where water mixed with liquid plant food is sprayed onto the roots. In many instances, you will find that it is only the patio that can handle such kinds of plants.

Creating a soothing landscape with stones and water

When cleverly used, rocks and water can create an amazing serene ambience. Stones can be used for outdoor or interior décor. The rocks you choose can set the tone for the patio, entrance, or even the entire restaurant. River rocks or tawny beach pebbles do add warmth. White pebbles, on the other hand, tend to brighten a room, especially the shaded areas.

There are stones that you can pick to highlight a tropical climate while there are those that help you capture a Polynesian theme. Rocks do last for many years, and you should take your time to choose the perfect stones that will complement the rest of the restaurant’s theme. As one of the best established landscaping companies in Dubai, Planters has an immense wealth of knowledge in this area.

Incorporate seasonal changes

Every season brings with it changes, and every restaurateur wants to stay abreast of the trend in the market. There are seasonal plants, landscapes, and designs that help every restaurant capture the curiosity of pedestrians across the street. To keep your repeat customers satisfied and yearning for more, you should work to keep the charm of your restaurant alive throughout the year.

To reap the best from your landscape, you must consider updating the plants at the turn of every season. You can have different types of flowering plants that bloom at different times of the year. When you update your restaurant to capture the seasons, your staff can have the freedom to play with textures and colours.

Resolving landscaping hassles

Landscaping often comes with its challenges. For this, hiring a competent outdoor and indoor landscaping expert in Dubai is very important. Plants can be affected by fungus and diseases hence requiring the expertise of a professional in keeping them healthy and maintaining your landscapes. This is important, particularly in restaurant businesses.

Some of the issues that affect plants and trees as far as landscaping is concerned often involve an overlap of problems. Such issues include insufficient ground covers, poor drainage, poor selection of plants or trees, and poor gardening practices.

Tips on how to deal with issues arising from live plants landscaping:

When planting trees, leave 1.5 meters space to the boundary wall. This goes for small trees, while for large trees, a distance of between 4 and 7 meters should be allowed.

Overwatering is a significant problem that many landscape enthusiasts encounter. While under watering can lead to your plants drying up, overwatering has been a more severe problem in many places.

Poor drainage is another reason why plants die. Ensure that your drainage system is sufficient and does not lead to clogging of the soil.

Adequate soil preparation will automatically lead to you having a magnificent landscape. Prepare the soil the right way and add enough compost that will enable the plants to grow well.

Insects and termites are frequent attackers of your green live landscape. Landscaping companies in Dubai are in an excellent capacity to advise you on the right organic insecticides and pesticides to use in case of an attack. Most of the landscape contractors can also maintain your landscapes for you. Just ask away!

While it may seem obvious that no one might pick a leaf and nib at it, it is important that you avoid planting poisonous plants. While a toxic plant can be exotic and befitting a restaurant’s landscape, be mindful of the risk that such a plant poses to your customers.

Hedges from Planters
JBs Gastropub, Dubai

Getting into Your Restaurant’s Landscape

Landscaping will help you attract new footfalls and make them want to always return. To achieve this, you must impress your guests with creative landscaping tricks (and, of course, with your food).

There is no doubt that restaurants must serve exquisite finger-licking dishes if they are to score highly with customers in the city. However, much as landscaping might appear to be a non-issue, restaurateurs know all too well how critical it is. Besides serving great meals, a restaurant must present the perfect atmosphere for the guests to savour their meals or drinks.

The visual appeal of your restaurant will leave a lasting impression in the minds of your customers. In many instances, we have seen just how influential landscaping is when it comes to customers enjoying their stay at a restaurant and the probability of them returning. Call Planters today to help you create amazing landscapes for your restaurant business!

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