Transforming the landscape of a premium hotel

On inspection of the site, we found that Hilton’s landscape was a victim of incorrect plant selection and design. We saw plants dying due to being exposed to light, with the grass also struggling due to the improper irrigation system.

Planters stepped in to strategically replace all dead plants with those suitable for the weather conditions outside.

Apart from replacement, we also specialise in providing bespoke design solutions to protect various landscaping elements, which in this case was the grass. We replaced the subsurface irrigation system with manual watering, resulting in a greener and healthier grass.

Sunbeds on the grass meant the area was high traffic, which was damaging the landscape, therefore, Planters suggested rotating the sunbeds frequently to allow each patch of grass to recover.

With a permanent team onsite to overlook daily maintenance, Hilton Yas Island continues to thrive as a premium 5 star hotel with a unique experience.

Hilton, Yas Island
Abu Dhabi
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