Preserved & Replica Trees


Artificial Trees

Our artificial trees are carefully made to create the most lifelike alternatives to the real thing.

Our skilled craftsmen have vast experience in producing the most botanically accurate artificial trees.

Our trees come in a large range of sizes from 1-7 metres, and can be custom made to match specifications. They have been used in many demanding quality projects with success and we pride ourselves on providing the highest standards in replication.

Artificial Trees, of course, require none of the watering, light, feeding or trimming that natural trees would require, but they should be kept in top condition by a regular cleaning programme to ensure they remain looking fresh and lifelike.

Each artificial tree comes with a five-year warranty and can come with inherently fire retardant foliage (optional) upon request.

Preserved Palms

When you are looking at larger spaces that require bigger statements, preserved palms can offer ideal solutions.

Made with both real palm fronds and bark, the palms are preserved by the latest techniques in biotechnology and provide the best possible botanical authenticity.

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