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Plant Walls
Most people, when they think about impressive gardens and lots of greenery, think about vast spaces spread horizontally. Even though these horizontal gardens are impressive, sometimes they can be too demanding. Depending on the use of the space and the people who are supposed to be around, such a garden...
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Green Walls at Citi Bank
“Sit still. Don’t move” seems like the default mode of our lives these days, and the physical space we are in becomes a part of us. Keeping this in mind, more and more organisations are trying to make their office space greener and more humane. Enhancing the aesthetics of your...
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Open Plan Office
During the tech boom of the 1990s and 2000s, the open plan office was partly embraced to utilise the office space efficiently. Of course, the aesthetic value became so popular that 80% of the U.S offices use the open plan office concept today.Today, people spend at least 90%...
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Commercial Landscape Design - Exterior Green Walls
2020 Commercial Landscape Design TrendsCommercial landscaping has become increasingly important as the world develops, and the focus is beginning to be on the visual and the aesthetic. Companies have started to think not only about offering the services requested, but about building a whole experience around these services. One way...
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Artificial Plants at Parkers Restaurant
Landscaping TipsMore people are now embracing greenery in their living environments. Obvious benefits like improved health and well-being stand to be enjoyed. Besides promoting biodiversity in built-up areas and cities, green landscaping has been seen to facilitate better water management and even reduce noise pollution.Even the green inimical persons...
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