Architectural Landscaping
Architectural Landscaping
Updated on 28th Nov 2013 by Planters
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Interior & Exterior Landscaping

In this article, we take a look at some inspiring interiors that focus on adding foliage into the space within three exemplary offices. The plants enhance and define different aspects of the interior architecture in their respective buildings, and we hope they may serve as a source of inspiration to you.

As plants are more malleable and transformable than furniture, they can truly be moulded to suit the space, whether they hang down through atriums like our plant walls; utilise wall space as our living green walls do; line up along the edges of offices; or even take centre stage with a standout display of healthy, maintained foliage. There is an interior solution for every space, and we use our plants to complement the entirety of the interior, from the decor to the architecture, so that the plants look as if they were born into the building.

The ultra chic set of desks below incorporate trees into the core of its design. This off-the-wall approach creates a very fresh and modern office interior that is unique and effective. An interior statement such as this is bound to start a conversation and leave a lasting impression with visiting clients.

Architectural LandscapingOffice Architectural Interior Design

Below we see a nine-storey urban farm that was built in Tokyo. Greenery is an integral part of the design, both inside and out, and it creates a fresh and engaging environment that is a world away from the stone-walled offices of their competitors.

Urban Farm TokyoTokyo Urban Farm PlantwallFresh Interior DesignLandscaping Interior Indoor

The Google office in Sydney features forest-like foliage at its reception desk, creating a strong brand impression by embossing their logo within a thriving green wall.

Google Office in Sydney

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