Artificial Landscape at Smart Dubai
Updated on 16th Jan 2018 by Planters
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Benefits of Plants 

Whether you are an environmental physiologist or not, we’re sure you understand that plants look attractive. When it comes to environmental sustainability, greenery is the perfect option. In fact, it has lots of other benefits attached to it.

Artificial Landscape at Smart Dubai
When you have plants around, you will feel at ease because it could reduce stress and provide a feeling of well-being. Also, the air quality of the environment could improve. These and many more benefits are what you get when you have greeneries around.

There is no limit to where you can have them in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and across the UAE. You can install them in schools, hotels, hospital, offices and other businesses. Read on to find out the benefits of plants in each of these sectors.


Children Reading Books on the Grass
Why have plants and other greeneries in your schools? The simple answer is that, nature makes kids better. In recent studies, it was found that greenery in schools help children have better brain functions. Also, at school grounds, greenery is assumed to promote physical activities and has a positive impact to children's attention.

Either artificial plants, preserved palms or other greeneries, plants are good for kids in school. In fact, few trees can make a unique difference. Some of the incredible importance of plants to schools are:
  • It reduces stress in kids;
  • The concentration of children are improved;
  • It improves the problem-solving skills of the children in school;
  • It reduces the depression in kids ; and
  • Children who attend schools with greenery gain an improvement in agility, coordination, and balance.
No doubt, the importance mentioned above are the goals of many schools. Surrounding and filling a school with nature, or even with artificial gardens, gives way to human flourishing.


Nowadays, travelers prefer to stay in environmentally friendly hotels. In fact, some are even ready to pay extra just to acquire a room in an eco-friendly hotel. No wonder many hotels today are investing in vertical gardens, artificial plants and much more.

If you are a professional in the hospitality industry, the sustainability of your hotel is one of the things you should focus on. When you make greener choices for your hotel, it can save you money. But the main importance is that you will be able to meet the demands of your customers. Remember, the demand of travelers changes every time. It is good for you when you ensure that green travel is in your hotel’s best interest.

Tall Plants in One and Only Dubai Palm Hotel
Some of the basic benefits of plants to hotels, especially in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, are:
  • Green walls enhance the experiences of hotel guests;
  • Vertical gardens can serve as a center of attraction in any given space and can provide an economical way of adding style to the hotel’s common areas;
  • Customers, travelers, or guests are more willing to stay and spend more time because the hotel’s interior landscape looks more welcoming and relaxing; and
  • It contributes to the feel and distinct style of the hotel.


For many years, it is believed that when there is greenery in healthcare environments, it brings pleasant, soothing distraction to the patients. Several studies have been showing that when you have greeneries, whether it be artificial plants, vertical gardens, preserved palms, and artificial trees in your hospital environment, you would be helping anxious patients recover or restore from stress.

Artificial Indoor Landscaping
The importance of greenery to the hospital is not limited to the sick, ill or patients; it is also extended to the staff. There are times when the workload will be much on them thereby leading to frustration. Of course, they can also use the garden full of natures as a way of escaping from the stress and frustration.

Some of the benefits hospitals can derive from these greeneries are:
  • Greeneries can boost humidity levels and combat sick building syndrome;
  • The presence of nature, even just having a preserved palm and other plants help boost the morale of hospital staffs and also create a healthier and beautiful work environment; and
  • It also helps create warm environment for everybody in the hospital setting.


Plant Wall and Plants inside the Office
Plants, especially in Dubai results in a productive office. Investing in greeneries offers a nice physical office environment that inspires your employees to do great deeds when they resume work. Can you imagine how boring and toxic it can be when you have an office without distractions such greeneries, pictures and souvenirs? No doubt, there are some of your employees or visitors who would come to the office sad, depressed, or struggling with one problem or the other. But if you have greeneries around, you might help put their spirits up.

When you have a business environment with office plants, there would be an increase in productivity and happiness of your workers. Additionally, greeneries offer your colleagues and customers a visually enhanced perception of the space in your office. It also provides your staff or workers with visually-meditative experience. Some of the common benefits of office plants are:
  • It cleans the air which is good for modern office buildings having sealed air since they tend to have more pollutant than the outside;
  • It reduces the level of noise in the office and business environment; and
  • It reduces stress of employees in the office just like in any other place.


Moss Wall
By integrating green walls and plants in your interior or exterior landscape designs, particularly in Dubai and Abu Dhabi where greenery is a scarcity, you can improve the health, well-being and efficiency of basically everyone.

If you are planning for your businesses’, hotels’, schools’, and hospitals’ landscape this 2018, it is best for you to start planning early to stay ahead of your competitors.

Of course, there are many companies in Dubai that can help you achieve your aim of integrating greeneries in your schools and businesses, but Planters is definitely the best choice. It offers high-quality interior and exterior landscaping services according to your requirements and goals. Consult with their experts now on how they can transform your existing space into something sustainable and profitable.
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