What are the Challenges of Having Living Green Walls?
Indoor Living Green Walls
Updated on 11th Sep 2017 by Planters
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Living green walls offer a wide range of benefits to businesses. From livening up the office space to cleaning the surrounding air, lowering energy costs, improving staff morale and reducing absenteeism, to name but a few. Interest in living walls in Dubai and Abu Dhabi haves steadily increased in popularity. Due to the region’s hot climate, these additions to a building are often preferred for their cooling effect as well.

Along with the perks, there are challenges in having living green walls. Sure, they look and smell great and drastically increase visual appeal for your business. But they are alive – and need to stay that way, so that they continue to provide their benefits. In order to keep your green walls thriving, use the best landscapers in Dubai to plan, install, and maintain the structure. Let’s take a look at the challenges of having living green walls.

Indoor Living Green WallsIn this article, we’ll cover the following:
  • Plants need to create nutrients from strong light sources. This is how they grow and thrive, and stay healthy throughout the year.
  • Correctly monitored irrigation is going to play a huge role in the success of your living green wall. Without proper water amounts, plants can die very quickly.
  • Proper nutrition and sunlight are imperative to a plant’s health. Otherwise, they may suffer from extreme heat and lack of nutrients.


Plants need to create nutrients from strong light sources to survive. Plants absorb the light and convert it into nutrients. The challenge lies in ensuring the right amount. When plants aren’t getting enough light, photosynthesis can’t occur at a healthy level. LED lighting should be applied to indoor plant walls that don’t receive natural sunlight.

Professional landscapers will work with your business to design panelling or a structural frame to attach to walls which allow for adequate lighting. Both sunlight and artificial light can play a role in this process, depending on whether your wall is indoors or outdoors.

Internal Irrigation

Odds are your business isn’t going to staff someone to constantly water the living green wall. Instead, keeping your wall alive will involve using city water pumped into the wall from an external source. Irrigation systems must be correctly installed by landscape contractors to safely transport water from the source to the wall without leaks. Watering must occur on a schedule, in correct amounts, and be drained properly to avoid overflows and drowning of plants.

In small spaces, it’s often best to consider a recirculating water system. This will be cheaper to install and more efficient in daily use, in addition to taking a burden off the drainage requirements.

The best living green walls in Dubai and Abu Dhabi incorporate fertilizer into the water process. The plants then receive correct doses of nutrients on schedule. Planters’ team can assess how difficult installing a water system into your preferred living green wall space will be. They will also help develop a schedule for irrigation and maintenance.

Plants Dying Due To Heat

Due to their vertical nature, certain parts of your living green wall may experience different levels of heat and sunlight than other parts. Keep in mind the heat levels, in particular. If a plant is blasted by high temperatures throughout each day, its odds of survival are much lower than those which receive a healthy mix of sun and heat along with shade and water.

For businesses, planning living plant walls spanning multiple floors, this is particularly important. Have your landscaping designed to maximise a healthy environment for the entire wall.

Maintenance and Nutrition Needs

Plant Walls in the Office

Because vertical gardens constantly grow, the need for preventative maintenance is ongoing. If you have experience growing a garden, make note of best practices that helped your garden succeed and apply the techniques to your living green wall. For beginners, here are a few key factors to consider before installing living green walls in Dubai:
  • Drainage. Proper water drainage must be onsite to prevent flooding and keep fresh water and nutrients flowing to the plants regularly.
  • Nutrients and anti-disease agents. Plants need certain nutrients to survive, and succumb to disease without proper care. Planters, a leading landscape contractors in Dubai, can assist with assessing what your wall will need in order to thrive in its environment.
  • Design. How do you want your living wall to appear? Many prefer differing shades of green or the addition of multicolored flowers and plants to add extra zest. View a number of different designs on the internet and note which ones will work best in your space. It’s important to consider the types of plants that do well in your environment, and which ones can be used in a living green wall.
Another source of living walls maintenance is the ongoing need to remove dead plants. Landscapers and building managers must pluck them in order to allow the other plants to continue growing correctly. In terms of appeal, dead plants also aren’t very aesthetically pleasing. After removal, have the landscaper renew the vacant space with a new plant.

The team of professionals at Planters can provide assistance with maintenance tips for green walls in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Enquire at the website for more information.

Working through the Challenges

Living green walls do present a number of challenges. Professional landscape contractors are experienced in dealing with specific scenarios in the UAE region. Understand that it takes time to get your wall to a flourishing state that doesn’t constantly need upkeep. Many landscapers suggest a full year of regular, professional maintenance following installation.

We truly believe that you will find the finished product worth the planning. The beauty and tranquillity of a living green wall is something no typical plant or piece of artwork can match. Employees and customers will feel more relaxed, and relaxation leads to increased productivity. Planters is excited to help you plan and execute the living green wall your business deserves. Call our dedicated professionals on 04 388 3283 today to discuss further.
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