Commercial Landscape Design in 2020: Latest Trends and Thoughts
Commercial Landscape Design - Exterior Green Walls
Updated on 25th Feb 2020 by Planters
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Commercial Landscape Design - Exterior Green WallsCommercial landscaping has become increasingly important as the world develops, and the focus is beginning to be on the visual and the aesthetic. Companies have started to think not only about offering the services requested, but about building a whole experience around these services. One way of doing this is by turning their space into a memorable landscape.

The market for such services has grown and changed all throughout the last decade. If in 2009, the focus was on creating relaxing backyards, and investing mostly in real greenery and their maintenance, now things have changed and the main point is efficiency and great visuals. Nevertheless, if in the past landscaping was mainly used to create beautiful personal outdoors, nowadays companies have started investing both in indoor and outdoor landscaping. The main focus in 2019 was office landscaping designs, outdoor landscaping for residential complexes and idyllic outdoors for hotels. Click here to check out these landscaping trends.

If you are looking for ways to improve your commercial space through landscaping, here are some trends in 2020 you may want to consider:

Low maintenance – high efficiency

Outdoor and indoor landscaping has become a growing market in Dubai in the last years. The focus being high quality and enjoyable green spaces with low maintenance requirement as the most important factor followed by both landscape consultants, as well as clients. There is a reason for that which is the growing scarcity of water.

Artificial Greenery in the Office
Real greenery requires a lot of attention and investments. When it comes to water, UAE has limited resources and using them on keeping a nice green yard seems to be a waste, especially when there are better options. This is where sustainable greenery comes into action, and all the experts present at the Expo 2020 Dubai would agree. The main goal of this Expo is to turn this desert landscape into a green and sustainable oasis, while keeping the water consumption at a minimum level. This means less resources and less maintenance while still having great visual results, and this is where artificial greenery comes in handy.

Lush greenery, eco-friendly

Even though UAE may not be the land of green and forever blooming flowers, there are still a number of plants and trees that can be adapted to the environment and can still thrive here. Another goal of the Expo Dubai 2020 is to cultivate these plants and trees in cooperation with Dubai Municipality and employ eco-friendly methods that will help transform the aspect of Dubai streets. This includes also using solar-powered lights for the streets and organic fertilisers to help nurture the living plants.

Greenery at Apple Store
The consumption of clean drinking water is again minimised to the basic needs: it is needed only during the first stages of plant development. This great cooperation between landscaping experts and the municipality will turn the streets of Dubai into a green oasis, while still respecting a zero-waste policy. So, when you’re considering adding some greenery into your office design, make sure that they’re not only beautiful in the eyes, but are also safe and environment friendly.

Relaxing backyard

When we think about backyards and patios, we associate them with a comfortable, intimate and personal space. But it doesn’t have to be a general rule. Office desks have been imagined mostly indoors, in closed spaces, with the only green thing around being a houseplant or two. But the time has come to take them outdoors. Creating a beautiful space on the patio where workers can relax and work at the same time can help with productivity and satisfaction at work. It’s a small difference but it can have a huge impact. Creating a common open space outdoors either for relaxing or working is a great way of keeping people happy, while giving them some freedom of movement.

Vertical gardening

Office Plant Wall
When it comes to creating complete landscapes you have to open your vision to different perspectives. At the same time, thinking may be limiting if you want to achieve green greatness for your garden. Vertical gardening is still one of the 2020 must follow trends and it can help you build more than a beautiful garden. Including vertical gardens can help you build a secret idyllic heaven, stopping the sound pollution and keep you away from the stress of a modern loud and polluted life. Keep your options in all directions and you will, eventually, manage to have the perfect oasis of relaxation and comfort.

Put it in a spotlight

Sometimes it’s not enough to only have great greenery and beautiful landscaping. You also need to show off certain spots more than others. This is where LED lights can come in handy. A great way to point out the most valuable assets of your outdoor landscape is to use lights to draw the attention of visitors. Lights can, nevertheless, be used to create pathways, if you want people to use certain lanes for walking. If the outdoor space is too big, they can also be used as guiding lights. Nevertheless, they can be used to create a lovely ambience, giving the illusion of floating benches or bridges.

A sea of blue

If you are looking for inspiration when it comes to colours, blue seems to be the best bet for 2020. The calming and relaxing colour seems to have won the hearts of everyone, and a spot in every landscape planning. Plants from Hydrangeas to Salvia are a great addition, and the colour blue helps keep a cool and refreshing image. This can be combined with various shades of indigo for accessories such as pots, pillows or any other outdoor decorations. Nevertheless, edible berries in blue tones seem to be a great snack that fits right into the scenery.

Bringing the outdoors inside

Office Plant at Oman Insurance
Indoor plants have always been an asset in terms of decoration. Even in the modern minimalistic style, there’s always at least one plant hanging somewhere in the room. There is no reason why they should be kept out of office landscaping. Indoor plants have been proven to have a beneficial impact on workers and are known to help relax and feel more comfortable during the working hours. Not only do they help improve the space visually, but it can also be a way people can connect to the outdoors, while being productive at their desks.

Some of the best indoor plants are the Guiana Chestnut, the Yucca tree, African Violets, Peperomia and the Spider Plant. These are easy to maintain and they don’t require a lot of care. You can easily keep them on your desk or in the common space, helping to create a lively atmosphere.

Porcelain tiles

Porcelain tile is a great choice if you want to have a beautiful, and in the same time practical patio. It doesn’t absorb moisture and it’s very durable. Also, the aspect is perfect if you want something luxurious but also casual. Tiles can be used either to create walking paths or in order to decorate the patios. They are easy to maintain and have a certain distinction that will make them be highly appreciated in any given situation. They are also durable and don't get affected by climate factors such as heat or rain.

Geometric shapes are catching up

Even though lush and overflowing plants and shades of green are marvelous for outdoor designs, having some recurrent geometry helps stabilise the whole frame and makes the landscape look more orderly. The combination of shapes and straight angles which are filled with rich plants and flowers is a true delight for the eye, and it helps keep some balance between the chaos of nature and the manmade structures. It would, nevertheless, help to better organise the space and not fill it with unsystematic plant arrangements.

Transitional landscaping

Modern outdoor landscaping is aiming to be more open and can be integrated in the whole picture. That’s why most professionals aim for open gardens filled with local greenery. This gives them the chance to enjoy nature in its natural habitat, dumping the heat lamps or any kind of additional equipment that would take up more space and seem unnatural. Eye-catching sculpture is also becoming an important part, giving more weight and shape to the image. A great option, if you still want to enjoy blossoming flowers for the entire year is to go for faux plants. The advantage is that they can be easily placed wherever it’s more suitable and they are low maintenance. Moreover, you can enjoy them regardless of the season.

An extension of the indoors

Creating beautiful outdoor landscapes should also include a way for people to enjoy it. More frequently than not, having some benches around won’t do the trick. There are many factors that can influence such an experience; some of the most important being the weather conditions. Whether it's rain or direct strong sunlight, this can make the outdoors inconvenient. One way to avoid such a risk is by creating an extension of the indoors using a covered pagoda. This can be perfect for some occasional outdoor office space, since it can host plugs and all the necessary equipment in order to create a practical environment for people, where they can be productive yet relaxed at the same time.

Easy lawns

Artificial Grass
Keeping a perfect lawn is highly demanding and it can be ruined by simple mistakes such as forgetting to water it, animals digging holes or even people stepping on it. It also needs watering and mowing. That’s why the best choice if you don’t have the time and resources to maintain a green lawn is to have an artificial one, surely, you’ll get rid of all the fuss.

Make 2020 the Year to Get Your Commercial Landscape Trendy

Even though these new trends are starting to gain more attention by the day, it doesn’t mean that the older elements have been taken out of the equation. Living green walls are still one of the best options for office spaces, especially if you want to create an outdoor feeling inside the building. If you want to update your commercial space, it’s better to reach out to a landscape consultant in Dubai and adapt your green paradise to the latest trends. Find out more about how a professional expert in the field can help you reach the maximum potential for your commercial space. Only a true design whisperer can give you the secret to gaining the maximum out of your space by turning it into a wonderful dreamscape.

In case you are still not 100% sure about what a professional landscape designer can help you achieve, check out more about us and reach out to one of our experts. We will gladly explain how we can help you get the most out of your commercial space. You can find out more about the services we offer and how we can help you create the perfect landscape.
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