Essential Guide to Indoor Plants
Indoor Office Plant Wall
Updated on 1st Jul 2018 by Planters
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Indoor Office Plant Wall

What are Indoor Plants?

There are few things more important when it comes to indoor plants than simply understanding the basics. Indoor plants are firstly just that; they are plants that grow indoors. Being grown indoors can sometimes affect the way that a plant grows or the amount of water or light that it needs to remain healthy. Landscaping companies in Abu Dhabi and Dubai have recently witnessed a massive rise in the amount of restaurants seeking green infrastructure in their spaces. This was due to the sudden roar of the foodies across the UAE. But it is not just restaurants and bars that are calling for more foliage in their inside spaces. Retail and commercial outlets, as well as small offices and schools are beginning to seek out the benefits of what greenery can bring.

The Rise of the Indoor Plants in Dubai  and across the UAE

Never before has there been such a need for interior design to incorporate the more natural elements. We currently live in a world where the threat of climate change and its effects, as well as a need for more sustainable infrastructures are steadily on the rise. It has been apparent for a while that though the rise of popularity with indoor plants may have begun with the Millennial’s obsession for indoor plants due to their lacking of the ability to afford a garden in the big city. However, there is bigger force at work here when we talk about the indoor plants Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the rest of the UAE are beginning to incorporate into their sustainable interior design in commercial spaces as well as restaurants and even small offices. The use of the indoor plants including vertical gardens Dubai-wide has risen due to the fact that there are now landscaping companies throughout the UAE that specialise not only in the design and installation of indoor plants, but also the maintenance and servicing of these beautiful pieces of greenery.

Office Plant
There is much more to this new craze of interior landscaping than mere decoration. There is evidence that clearly shows that spending time outside surrounded by nature can be a part of the healing process. When that natural fauna is brought inside, especially when it is correctly infused within the infrastructure of a restaurant, office space or commercial space, the effects can be amazing. Plants have the ability to lower stress levels, create a positive atmosphere and they are even able to help clean the air and improve the employee’s productivity, thus raising profit. No wonder there has been a rise in the demand for indoor plants from landscaping contractors in the UAE when they do fit outs for offices, schools, restaurants and other hospitality businesses.

So now that we have seen the popularity of indoor and outdoor plants in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the rest of the UAE, let’s take a closer look at the potential benefits of indoor plants to retail, commercial or hospitality businesses of any kind.

Which Indoor Plants in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to Look Out For?

A good indoor plant will react well to lower levels of light as well as lower levels of humidity. They will be a species that is known to not attract pests and also one that does not grow quickly or too large in size. They usually have a lifespan of between 2 and 5 years depending on the species. This type of plant is also known for being fairly inexpensive when compared to their outdoor counterparts.

A good indoor plant will have a good root system, thick layers of foliage and absolutely no signs of disease or damage. Make sure that you closely inspect your new indoor plants for all of the above.

Tree Installation at Apple Store

So you know you want to have some indoor plants for your business but now, you have to decide which plants to get and where they should go. Well, this is what the landscaping contractors are known for. Whether your small office needs a few well-placed potted plants for your restaurant or a large vertical garden Dubai shoppers would be delighted to see in your retail space, you need to visualise what you want before anything else. 

Luckily, if you choose the right company specialising in landscape design, you will be guided through this process. This includes the selection of the best types of plants for you.

Indoor Plants that Clean the Air

There are a few plants that are known for their excellent ability to clean the air of an interior space. Plants such as the spider plant, golden pothos and snake plant have been proven to reduce ozone concentrations in a simulated indoor environment’ according to’s comment on a recent study by the American Society of Horticultural Science.

These are not the only plants that serve well as indoor plants though, there is a wide selection including bamboo, Chinese Evergreen, English Ivy and Ficus to name a few. 

Low-Maintenance Plants 

Plants that thrive as indoor plants do so for various different reasons. Some plants thrive inside because they do not need much natural light or do not require much water to grow and maintain its beauty. 

The Peace Lilly and the Pothos (or Devil’s Ivy) are both favoured by indoor plants suppliers due to their great ability to thrive in areas with low-light. If your commercial or retail space has more natural light then you will be less limited in your indoor plant selections. Ferns are also a great choice of plant if you are planting in a low-light environment.

How to Maintain Healthy Plants?

People nowadays think that they don’t have the time to take care of plants, more so to learn how to maintain them, so they ignore the importance of integrating them into their spaces. It’s a big no-no especially with all its benefits to one’s business. 

Office Plants in Oman Insurance's Office

In order to add a touch of greenery, you don’t need the so-called “green thumbs”. The first step towards maintaining healthy indoor plants is for you to ensure that you choose the right plants for your space as well as the right location for them to thrive. Keep in mind that some plants will be easier to maintain while others need more attention. 

Plants generally need light to live so ensure that they have the right amount of light. If they were not properly taken care of, they will show signs of distress and eventually wither. Again, be sure to pick a type of plants that is suited to your commercial or retail space.

Plants, like humans, also get thirsty so be sure to water your plants regularly but do not over water as this can drown them and can be as dangerous as not watering them at all. Some installations can be carried out to make watering your plants less disruptive and easier. This includes installing a watering system. If this is not an option or you have just a few potted office plants, you can still choose to do the task before or after the office hours. Just be sure to keep a ridged watering schedule.

If you don’t have enough time maintaining your indoor plants, your landscaping contractor can look after them for you. When contractors carry out landscape designs, Dubai restaurants or commercial spaces benefit from the miscellaneous services that they supply. For example, some contractors offer maintenance services when installing plant walls, plant wires and even for plant containers to help you ensure that you get the very best out of your indoor plants.

What are the Benefits of Indoor Plants?

Plants Improve Productivity

Indoor Plants
While the initial reason for introducing indoor plants into any commercial environment may stem from a decorative standpoint, the wealth of benefits that these plants offer is frankly amazing. The right plants and the correct installation can make for a refreshing place to work. People who work in a green interior environment report a far higher level of productivity to those who do not. Put simply, a more productive workforce gets more done. This means that your chosen green interior design can at times directly affect your office, restaurant or commercial business’ productivity as a whole. This productivity can easily turn into profit for the company. 

Plants Provide Cleaner Air

Cleaner air in a small office or retail environment can lead not only to a happier staff but also happier clients. The atmosphere of a space can be drastically affected using certain types of plant installations such of vertical gardens or plant walls Dubai landscaping contractors are now specialising in. That change in the atmosphere can translate to a bigger turnover.  As mentioned earlier, there are some indoor plants that are known to have a better ability to clean the air than the others. A few examples of these types of plants are the Weeping Fig and the Bamboo Palm. 

Indoor Plants’ Psychological & Healing Effects

Greenery also have been known to improve a person’s mood. This positive psychological effect of indoor plants is down to nature having a sort of healing power over us. The scent and presence of natural plant life as well as the cleaner air and brighter, fresher atmosphere allow us humans to thrive.

Other Benefits of Indoor Plants

Aside from the positive psychological effects that indoor plants offer when used in a business or commercial space, they offer great decorative benefits as well. Plants, when used inside, can add a much needed touch of colour to an otherwise plain space. Plants can be used to cover entire walls or simply dotted around to decorate a space. Vertical gardens Dubai contractors have installed were even used as partitioning walls in some cases. Brighten up any retail or commercial space by using the right indoor plants.

Where to get indoor plants in the UAE?

Indoor Plants in Dubai
Indoor plants suppliers Dubai-wide and landscaping companies in Abu Dhabi are becoming more aware of not just the reasons why this move towards more natural spaces is happening, but they are also growing their knowledge of how they can better equip businesses to make the absolute most of any installation. This is done using for-thought, forward thinking and experience to design from idea to install. Plants may be just simple additions to your interior but the process can be daunting especially when choosing the right ones for your business. There are some plants which you can purchase online and have them delivered to your doors but you will never be sure if they are the perfect fit for your space. That is why Planters, the largest interior landscaping contractor in the Gulf, and other landscaping companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the rest of the UAE will be happy to help a company during the selection. 

Criteria for the Best Landscaping Companies in the UAE

As you have read, the amount of benefits that an indoor plant offers the restaurants, hotels or commercial business owners is indeed staggering. There is therefore a need for you to go about getting your office, restaurant, retail or commercial space fitted out with indoor plants in the correct manner. Although there are lots of cost saving ideas and cheaper ways of doing it, spending the right amount on getting a professional and experienced landscaping company to carry out the work will pay off big time. You will end up with green infrastructure that works for you as well as with you.

There are some companies that are new to this side of the business; other companies have been at the forefront of the green infrastructure trend ever since it first came to the UAE. Companies like Planters landscaping contractors have the years of experience and the skill and expertise needed to carry out a fit out that remains healthy and sustainable for years to come. Using an inferior company for this type of work can have detrimental effects and leave you with not only a green interior that is not to your taste or liking, but it can also lead you to having to put in more money and work in order to simply manage and maintain the indoor plants that do not work for your business.

Plant Maintenance

Be sure to use a well-reviewed and trusted landscaping company that has a proven track record with this type of work. A well-installed and excellently-designed piece of indoor greenery is the investment that just keeps paying back. It can not only make your business appealing to employees but can also have a similar effect on potential clients or customers. All these, as well as allowing your business to do its part for sustainability and to lower its carbon footprint in the process, are more than enough reasons to ensure that you get the right company for the job.

While there is a large selection of qualified landscaping contractors in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and across the UAE, not all of them are specialised in indoor plants and in fact, there are a fair few who specialise in outdoor plants. If you are planning on making the most out of your interior landscaping or are just interested in adding some green interior design to your business, then you want to use a company who know precisely what you need. A company who have years of experience and numerous happy clients. You want to be sure that you are getting the best quality installation for your money as well as the best suited plants, trees or garden for the chosen space. Why not choose a company that can also offer services that will go on to help maintain your green interior long after the installation phase? The servicing and maintenance of your chosen green infrastructure can be a cost saving addition to your decision process. There are even fewer companies that offer the client this type of maintenance service as well as being able to say that they are amongst the top landscaping companies in the UAE.

Why Choose Planters for your Indoor Plants Requirements?

Planters Group is one of the selected few landscaping contractors in Dubai and across the Gulf that can offer the whole package when it comes to indoor plants. They will work with you from design through to installation phase. If you decide to go for them for the maintenance and other landscaping services, they can offer you the best deal too. Contact Planters today and ask for the best indoor plants for your business.


Thank you for taking the time to read this Essential Guide to Indoor Plants. Read more on the importance of the indoor plants to your offices and how it contribute to sustainability!
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