Excellent Exterior Landscape Features for your Business
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Exterior Landscape for Restaurant Business
Updated on 3rd Jul 2019 by Planters
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Exterior Landscape for Restaurant BusinessPut yourself in your customers' shoes and imagine walking past your business. Rugged walls. Faded paint. Overgrown plants. Dry grass. Dirty pathways. Dirty windows. Rusted signposts. Ugly trees. Angry birds. Do you see any of those characteristics on your landscape? Would you be pleased to be associated with such a business?

We hope not.

The human brain is more receptive to sight than sound, whether consciously or subconsciously. And so, in any business, the first thing we tend to grasp is the exterior space of the business. Before you speak to any customer about how good your services or products are, they’ve already made a judgment about the same, whether knowingly or unknowingly, just by looking at your landscape. It's called subliminal messaging. You should use it to your advantage. How? Read on.

Exterior Landscape Features to Boost Businesses

The exterior landscape is not just the land area outside your business premises. It's not the image of a shiny building. It's not the trees and the plants surrounding your business alone. It's a whole bunch of visual-stimulating cues that add valour to your business as a whole.

To that end, you don’t need to just tend to the grass alone. Cleaning the windows won't just do the magic. Neither will planting new variants of landscaping crops along the curbs revive your outdoor scenery alone.

Instead, ensure that you tend to all these features of the landscape to maximise customer satisfaction from the moment they step into your business premises, to the moment they leave. This involves the following.
  • The entrance
  • Seating area
  • Well-manicured walkways
  • Water features
  • Beautiful rotational painting/flowering plants
  • Collaborative spaces
  • Attractive outdoor lighting
  • Outdoor site furnishing
  • Planting beds
If you cater for all these aspects of your landscape, then you can be sure to attract more business and customers just by the look of your exterior. Let's review each one in detail.

1. Beautiful front entrances

Take a restaurant, for instance. You and your family are out and about looking for a place to eat and have fun. What's the first thing you'll most probably look at?

The entrance definitely.

Who would want to enter a restaurant whose decor shouts "we don't care how we look from the outside, just come in”? No one.

The entrance of your business should be as beautiful and as good-looking as the quality of services/products you proclaim to offer. While you might have those loyal customers that would still come even if you had a shell of a building, every business deserves to grow.

To that end, your entrance is the first thing that should tell them about the quality of your business products. Make it interesting. Make it attractive.

2. Common or outdoor seating area

Exterior Landscape - Outdoor Seating Area
How many times have you gone to a business premise to have some things sorted and afterwards wanted to relax before leaving?

The waiting room wouldn't be the most preferable place to relax. Not with all the tired-looking faces waiting for the manager, or the secretary, or the interviews.

You want a place where you and your staff can relax while still doing some business. Do you know how helpful that can be? It will not only boost productivity but also word-of-mouth marketing. It wouldn’t be unlikely to hear people compliment your business premises.

Add Wi-Fi in those patios and you'll have more foot traffic coming your way. And in business, the more traffic you have, the more leads you get, and the more customers you gain. Win-win.

3. Well-Manicured Walkways, Patios or Retaining walls

There's a certain sense of command that comes with well-manicured walkways. As mentioned earlier, you're indirectly directing the footsteps of anyone visiting your business. You're telling them they're not in the wrong place.

Take this other scenario. A horribly kept pathway. Dirty, with no curbs, and no sense of direction. You're indirectly shouting to the customer, "We also don’t know why you're here. Just turn back. You're in the wrong place."

You don’t want that. Let the walkways show that your business has a sense of purpose. Let them be cleaned regularly. Paint those curbs. Light them up with beautiful flowers alongside. Just spice them up. If you have a sloping landscaping on the sides, add retaining walls to avoid landslides or soil erosion. Maybe paint them. Make them attractive. Make the customer yearn to take selfies on your landscapes which they’ll share on social media eventually. And you know what that means, don’t you?

4. Water features

Water is life. Remember that earlier point about subliminal messages? When you add water to your landscape, you're showing that your business has life. It's healthy. It's here to stay.

Water features have a characteristic appearance that makes them relaxing. The sound of water itself is a therapeutic sound. It gives the environment that heavenly peace. It reduces chaos. Flowing water is attractive to look at. Not only does it add vigor to your business, it enhances the beauty of your landscape.

There are many ways you can add water features to your landscape. For instance, a fountain is a nice way to add that detail. Ponds with aquatic life are a jackpot. Artificial waterfalls will also do the magic. Sprinkling water garden is perfect too. Water pots, streams, geysers, and much more can also be considered. These require special skills and should only be done by top landscape contractors to avoid leakages and damage caused by running water.

5. Seasonal Colour Rotation of Plants or Flowers

Plant Walls for Exterior Landscape

A very bad word in business. Synonymous with stagnant, death, stunted growth, unattractive or boring. You don’t want your business being described with any of these words. While it's good for your brand to maintain a singular characteristic brand image, it also needs rejuvenation time and again.

Human beings are not static. Life is not static. Things change. It would be nice to switch up your outdoor paints once in a while. Not only does that make your business more noticeable, it reminds your customers or clients that you still exist. Furthermore, if you have a new competition in town, you want to show them that you're here to stay.

While you may want to maintain the theme colour of your business, you can add different shades of that colour, revitalise areas that had begun fading or washed away, and make your business great again. On the other hand, there's flowers and plants. These change naturally. There's a season when they're booming with flowers, and then it's all green. That's good. It removes the monotony of a singular appearance.

6. Collaborative spaces

Teamwork equals success, and two heads are better than one.

Your business will never succeed if the integral part of that business, which is employees, work in isolation. How do you foster this camaraderie? You create attractive collaborative spaces that invite people in. An area that shouts, "Come here. Let's have meaningful discussions."

Many businesses fail to understand this concept and end up becoming barren - no innovative ideas, no refreshing solutions to problems, and a bored unmotivated labor force. Decorate these collaborative spaces with beautiful lighting, attractive furniture, well-kept plants, and make them serene to foster those meaningful discussions.

And if you think that these spaces are only for indoors, think again. You can turn those outdoor seating areas to collaborative spots for your employees or even clients. Just be mindful of the summer season especially in the UAE and think of ways on how you can maximise its use during the day. Ask your landscaping company for more ideas.

7. Attractive outdoor landscape lighting

Your outdoor lighting has the power to create different moods for your business. They have the ability to make it more attractive and appealing but also dull and boring. During night time, you need your business to stand out. You want someone to easily identify it to avoid losing customers to neighbouring competition.

Furthermore, lighting can be used to light the paths as if they were leading to the gates of heaven. Do you know how important it is to leave a lasting impression on your customer about your business? Such images never get forgotten easily.

Using attractive outdoor landscape lighting not only serves as a light source, but can create the mood of the area. Take for instance a restaurant. Dully attractive lighting can make the place appear peaceful and serene for relaxing and having meals. On the other hand, a funky place needs shiny brightly coloured lights to make it more appealing. With a good contractor who understands your business and your mission, you will be able to utilise outdoor lighting to an advantage for your business.

8. Outdoor Site Furnishings

Your landscape should be organised. It should not be randomly filled with scattered amenities everywhere. You don’t want a dustbin after every two meters. Bike amenities shouldn’t be in the middle of a field. Your signposts should not be blocked by a tree. To that end, you need better outdoor site furnishings that will ensure everything remains in order.

Exterior Landscape - Outdoor Furnishings
Outdoor site furnishings are important both to the employee and the customer. They help project the perception of a well-organised business. Outdoor furnishing can also incorporate creation of social places for interactions and socialising by use of outdoor furniture. They should also be able to draw people from the surrounding environment and invite them in. When done well, your landscape should support social activity and interactions as well as create visual order and orientation.

Equally, they should complement the building design, shape, style and texture to maintain consistency. Customers love consistency, and your business will definitely benefit from it.

9. Planting Beds

When was the last time you picked a fruit from a plant directly and had a bite? How was the feeling? Good, wasn’t it?

What about that time you just couldn’t get your eyes off those beautiful flower plants looking attractive? How did that make you feel? Homely? Peaceful? All of the above?

Now imagine the same happening to your customers as they walk towards your premises, receiving greetings from beautiful flowers smiling down at them as they walk. Imagine customers feeling relaxed even when they don’t get what they wanted. No hard feelings, no altercations with employees. And as they leave the premises, your landscape has turned them into fans. A soothing experience to their hearts. Anyone would definitely want to visit such a business. So, make it a priority to enrich your outdoor scenery with planting beds. The keyword here is beautiful, well-kept planting beds. Not shaggy, poorly done ones.

Why Choose Planters?

Advanced tools and high-quality work

A plethora of outdoor landscaping companies exist out there in the market, but if you want quality landscaping services, then Planters is your go-to company. We have been in the front line working on landscaping projects, using advanced tools and workmanship that will leave your landscape beyond spectacular.

Extensive experience

With four decades in landscaping, Planters has turned into the biggest and most preferred landscaping company especially when it comes to outdoor furnishings and landscaping services.

Prestigious accolades

We have received the British Association of Landscape Industries annual award since 2002, making us one of the top landscaping contractors to hire for your landscaping needs.

Unbeatable prices

Our prices are unmatched given the level of quality services that we provide. We go above and beyond to be certain that you receive the best for your money.

Highly skilled staff

Your landscape needs to be professionally carried out. Planters got you covered. Our highly skilled workers will ensure that your landscape is beautifully done. From beautiful water features, to those patios and collaborative spaces, and planting beds.

Plan Out Your Exterior Landscape

The exterior landscape of your business should be your number one marketing tool for returning clients. Something they’ll keep coming back for more. A beautiful exterior landscape shows your business is serious about what it does. It's an authoritative stamp that places it above its competitors.

Let your landscape be your mouthpiece and your business will thank you.

Remember your landscape is not just the land area around your business. It's much more. It's the entrance, it's the walkways, it's the painting, it's the patios, it's the seating areas, it's the water features. Does it sound complicated to you? Then let experts do the work for you. Planters is only a phone call away. Feel free to contact us for all your landscaping needs.
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