How to Keep Your Green Wall Healthy During Summer?
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Updated on 28th Aug 2017 by Planters
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Do you have a living green wall  on your property in the United Arab Emirates, where summers are hot and often dry? If so, this article will help you understand the best practices to keep your green wall healthy during the summer. Because of the region’s climate, taking proper precautions beforehand keeps living walls in UAE, specifically in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, healthy even during the hottest time of year.

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 In this article, we’ll cover:
  • Installing a remote monitoring system can help you monitor your living green walls without much effort. At Planters, we offer constant monitoring of your living green walls to keep you free from stress.
  • Monitoring soil conditions such as temperature, pH levels and water intake can ensure plant well-being.
  • Regular pruning can maintain the impressive appearance of your greenwall and prevent it from becoming overgrown and untidy.

Install a Remote Monitoring System

A remote monitoring system is like a baby monitor for your living green wall. The system will pick up on any irregularities or mishaps that happen, and reduce your need to constantly stress about your living walls in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. 

Planters can monitor your living green wall to make sure that it stays healthy all year long. We offer maintenance programs to get your living green wall off to its best possible start, and then provide all of the necessary tools to keep it healthy and thriving. Keeping the wall healthy is an ongoing task, much like having a pet – if you have a busy lifestyle with work, travel, or a family, remote monitoring fills the gap when you or a maintenance expert aren’t able to be there in person. Follow these steps and you’re living green wall will remain as beautiful as the day it was planted.


In the UAE, temperatures tend to trend higher during parts of the year when customers really count on their living green walls. Monitoring and maintaining the condition and health of your green wall is essential to its survival and well being.  

Plant Wall Maintenance

Keep a Close Eye on Moisture Levels

Equally important is ensuring that the landscaping is set up in a way that allows for adequate water intake. Proper moisture levels in the soil mean that your living green wall is quenching its thirst without drowning and that even during warmer times, it is getting the water it needs.

Much of this goes back to the irrigation system. By having a professional landscaping crew install and maintain your vertical garden, the plants will receive the proper amount of water based on the climate. If your living green wall is in the sun all day, drought-resistant plants should be used as much as possible. Living walls in Dubai and Abu Dhabi also need to have drainage systems that can handle excess water and runoff, ensuring that the plants aren’t oversaturated with water.

Dry or unhealthy soil is also a clear sign that your wall isn’t getting as much water as it needs. This may be a result of a faulty irrigation system, hotter than normal temperatures, or a number of other factors. No matter what, keep the soil moist and healthy and your living green wall will thank you.

Provide a Fresh Environment with Elements of Shade 

Nobody wants to bake in the hot Dubai sun all day – plants are no different. They need sunlight to grow and thrive, but they also need time to process and recharge. Living green walls in Abu Dhabi and Dubai have the benefit of thorough sunlight and warmth. What they often lack is that revitalization opportunity. If you or the landscaping crew can add elements of shade such as an awning, brief horizontal wall, or other covering, you’re doing both yourself and the wall a favour.

Sunlight beams at over 100.000 lux. Indoor lighting, on the other hand, rarely tops half that in typical settings. For indoor living green walls, keeping a fresh circulation of air mixed with a strong lighting setup (for those without ample natural sunlight in the areas where the wall is) will help emulate the benefits of summer for the setup. Plants do best in the natural environments they evolved to live in. It is more than doable to replicate these environments indoors in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Remove Dead Leaves

A healthy living green wall is exactly that: living. During hotter months in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, prune dead and dry leaves and stems from the landscaping. This stimulates regeneration and growth, and at the very least minimises the spread of any toxins or diseases that the dead leaves succumbed to.

Keeping your living green wall clean and free of foreign debris or trash is another important factor. Because the structure is a living environment, anything put into its ecosystem should be beneficial to its overall health. This is especially true during summer months when living walls are already dealing with increased levels of heat and longer hours of daylight.  

Prevention Instead Of Reaction: Plan Ahead and Think About the Future

Living Green Walls
The Planters blog has many articles about setting up the best possible environment for your living green wall. We suggest reading through a few of them during the planning process. If the wall is already installed, be sure to implement shade strategies for summer. By implementing these steps during summer, your wall will have the best possible chance for a successful summer season. The professionals at Planters are always available to answer questions and provide assistance with your specific situation. Please don’t hesitate to reach out and call 04 388 3283 if there is anything we can do to make you feel more confident about the environment of your living green wall. 
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