Improving your Office Interiors: What’s in it for you?
Improving your office interior
Updated on 2nd Nov 2016 by Planters
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Plants in Office Interiors 

Interiors can be costly, but extensive research shows that the ROI of a well-designed interior is substantial; improving the interiors of all kinds of buildings boosts the output and happiness of staff, strengthening your company from within and improving overall company performance without the need to invest in expensive training.

Furthermore, interiors and greenery in particular also improve client perceptions, so investing in beautiful offices interiors has a very positive and far-reaching effect that concerns everyone who enters that space. It is a vital aspect of businesses which is all too often misunderstood and therefore overlooked.

Today, we will delve into some of the many studies out there and explore how the following have been found to be affected by office and building interiors:

  • Productivity
  • Motivation
  • Wellbeing
  • Positive sentiment
  • Staff turnover
  • Employee’s feelings of value
  • Client perceptions
Improving your office interior

Sentiment-Based Findings

Research has shown that 94% of staff view their working environment as a reflection of how they are valued as employees, but only 39% actually felt that their working environment had been designed with them in mind. In 2008, Echo Research reported that employees said they would feel 62% more motivated if their employers made more of an effort to improve their surroundings and that they would be 30% more productive as a result.

Furthermore, in 2004 The British Council for Offices found that 45% of workers said they would change their job for another one if the working environment was better; even if their role, salary and benefits were to stay the same. These findings suggest that those employees could be easily poached by competitors, if they better demonstrate the value of their employees through the environment they work in.

These findings illustrate that staff turnover is greatly reduced when the practicality and beauty of their surroundings are taken into consideration. Studies seem to show that employees become more motivated, productive and dedicated to the company in response to environmental improvements.

Sentiment based findings

Environment-Based Findings

In further investigations, features such as natural light, good ventilation, and greenery were found to be the most important factors. Staff reacted well to windows that that could be opened, having plenty of space, plants and flowers within their view, and brightly coloured walls. In a 2008 analysis of the best companies to work for, employees listed well-being at work as the most important factor in creating a great place to work. Wellbeing is easily enhanced through the selection of specialists who are able to carry out an analysis, and from consulting the staff to better understand their needs.

In his PhD thesis, Craig Knight produced experimental evidence that demonstrates that enriched work environments can result in productivity improvements of over 15%. If the workers themselves were involved in the improvement process, productivity increased by approximately 30%

There are many of these studies into productivity-based improvements; however greenery is an item that features regularly as a primary productivity booster and with extensive experience in creating biophilia-orientated environments, Planters is well versed in interior landscaping installations.

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To further strengthen your business from the inside out, we have come up with a quick checklist that will enable you to start transforming your working environment into productivity central.

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