Impressive Green Wall Arts to Inspire Your Next Design
Living Green Wall at XWork
Updated on 20th Nov 2019 by Planters
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Living Green Wall at XWork

Green Walls: The Hottest Design Trend 

"Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises." - Pedro Calderon de la Barca

Nature has been a source of inspiration to artists for millennia from the cave paintings of Lascaux to the exquisite nature studies of the Impressionists. Our understanding of why nature is so important to us has been enhanced by recent studies on biophilia. This is reflected in the growing trend to incorporate green walls in interior design. Green walls are becoming particularly popular in commercial and retail locations, including corporate offices, shops and restaurants all around Dubai, Abu Dhabi and elsewhere in the UAE. Their increasing popularity is not surprising given their many cumulative benefits, including:
There is another aspect to green walls that is more difficult to quantify but no less significant and that is their aesthetic quality. Vertical gardens make an indelible visual statement adding incredible beauty to meeting rooms, hallways, and reception areas. They can even be used in office layout as standalone walls or partitions. Corporate environments and high-end retail establishments often make substantial investments in art. Any touch of beauty, like a painting, sculpture or living wall, enhances the space in which it is displayed. The same impact can be achieved using greenery. The beauty dividend of green walls is achieved whether you are using a living green wall or a moss wall. Any spot of greenery is even more prized in highly urbanised areas like Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Bringing a garden indoors seems almost magical, like being able to recreate a little spot of Eden on earth.

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The Ideal Location for a Green Wall is Anywhere

We are constantly inspired by the design of green walls and how it can be adapted to complement various locations. Here are some of our favourite designs from around the globe showing how versatile green walls can be.

Green Wall Art at Country Garden Sales Office1. Country Garden Sales Office Wing On Kln – Hong Kong

Country Garden Properties, the Hong Kong-based real estate development company, creates quality residential developments. Their Sales office demonstrates their high professionalism along with a refined but cosy aesthetic. The modern Scandinavian feel furnishings and décor feature the full integration of green elements in the design. A rectangular green wall mirrors the dining table, while different sized round mini walls float above the sofa. The leafy green motif is reflected in the sofa cushions and the fresh leafy floral arrangements.

              Image Source: Wikimedia Common

2. Zendesk Lobby Moss Wall – Madison, Wisconsin, US

Zendesk Lobby Moss WallZendesk a software development company uses a large moss wall as the focal point of its lobby. The 13 by 4-foot design is high impact but low maintenance only requiring watering by spray bottle twice a month. The office design modern and minimalist using mostly white and grey tones. The striking splashes of verdant colour help soften the starkness of the 
                                          Image Source:                                              simple Nordic style furnishings.

Green wall at Drexel University3. Drexel University, Papadakis Integrated Sciences Building – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania US

The centrepiece of Drexel University’s Papadakis building is a 22-foot-wide, 80-foot-tall bio wall, which is “…North America’s largest living biofilter and the only such structure installed at a U.S. university”. The over 1,500 tropical plants in the wall feature over twelve different varieties that can grow without soil. The living wall is integrated into the building’s ventilation system leading to an 80% improvement in air quality and a 30% reduction in energy consumption. Using biofiltration and phytoremediation technologies, air contaminants are removed. The wall is also used educationally. Faculty and students use air ports installed in the wall to sample and analyse 
                          Image Source: Wikipedia                          air quality.      

4. Helsinki Airport – Finland

Green wall at Helsinki AirportHelsinki airport’s renovation in 2017 focused on creating a soft and welcoming atmosphere very far from the sterility of the traditional airport. A living green wall was chosen as an unconventional method to divide the space while improving air quality. It extends throughout the waiting area extending a nature theme that is increased by the use
                                     Image Source: Inhabitat                                               of wooden stools and tables and                                                                                                               a fitted carpet.

Living Green Wall Art at Edmonton International Airport 5. Edmonton International Airport – Canada

The living green wall in Edmonton Airport shows how unique each green wall rendering can be. The huge installation features 8,000 plants from 32 different species. The piece was inspired by cloud formations and abstract works by two famous Canadian painters. Constructed fully from recycled                                                                                                                  materials the installation is not                                Image Source: Edmonton International Airport                only spectacular but works to          purify the terminals air quality. It is positioned in a key location so that arriving and departing passengers can enjoy its beauty.

6. Longwood Gardens – Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, US

Green Walls at Longwood GardensLongwood Gardens is an American botanical garden located in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania with over 1,077 acres of gardens, woodlands, and meadows. In keeping with the botanical theme. The 4,000 square feet wall is the largest in North America. Designed to evoke a lush green jungle, standing at 14 feet high and 300 feet long, the wall                                  Image Source: Wikimedia Commons                                   consists of 33,000 plants fed                                                                                                                       through drip irrigation. Located      in the institution’s East Conservatory Plaza, the wall is not only an air cleansing showstopper, it ingeniously transforms the space usually allocated to restrooms. There are 17-bathroom pods strategically spaced between the green wall’s panels.

Devocion Green Wall
7. Devocion – Brooklyn, New York

Devocíon is a quality coffee café roastery and cafe located in a former warehouse in Brooklyn New York. The décor highlights reclaimed wood and display the bare bricks and steel of the original structure. The main room is a soaring open-plan space featuring a skylight letting in heaps of natural light and a huge two-story vertical garden that contains native Columbian vegetation including 150 coffee plants. The warm tones of the wooden and leather furnishings combined with the rich greens of the wall make this create a laid back hipster urban vibe ideal for hanging out with friends.

                   Image Source: Trend Hunter Inc

8. Offices – Gloucestershire UK

Green Wall art at The, the financial services comparison website office has a cool urban themed office complete with a purple and pink zigzag rug. Pride of place in this funky but professional workplace is given to a lush shaggy green wall designed to look cheerful. The offices are located in a Victorian castle but to reflect the firm’s growth, potential                                     Image Source: Homedit                                      and its young demographic, the    interior design concept stresses the contemporary and colourful.

9. NNDKP Law Firm Offices – Bucharest Romania
Green Wall Art at NNDKP Law Firm The image of law firms as staid and boring gets an overhaul in the NNDKP offices. The new office design exudes cool contemporary professionalism using a palette of tans and greys. This makes the use of green accents on the glazed windows, matching the vibrant green wall even more dramatic. The whole ambience is highly professional enhancing the firm’s presentation as a trustworthy and
                                               Image Source: Homedit                                                  efficient legal resource. 
10. Anthropologie – Regent Street, London UK

Anthropologie Green WallThe trendy US-based fashion label Anthropologie used a living green wall to create a dramatic backdrop in its first European flagship store opened in Regent Street. The wall evokes the warp and weft of woven cloth, featuring many different plants known for their air purification qualities. Spotlights strategically highlight the different colours and shapes created by the interwoven vegetation. The plants are lush                                                    Image Source: Biotecture Ltd                                and luxurious  complementing the profile of the shop’s high-end customers.

11. The Body Shop – Westfield Shopping Centre, Stratford

The Body Shop Green WallThis Body Shop location features a living wall showing a map of the world. Each country contains native plants that can be found in various products in the store. More than 14 different herbs are used to outline the countries rosemary, lemon verbena, aloe                                                                                                                  vera and mint to outline the 
                                                 Image Source: ANS Global                                countries. Soleirolia soleirolii was used for the sea. A  real attention grabber, the wall is situated both inside and outside the store. It uniquely represents the representation of the brand’s philosophy of ethically sourced natural beauty products from around the world.

12. Starbucks – Miami Beach Florida US

green wall art at StarbucksListed as one of the 50 most beautiful Starbuck’s around the world, this Miami Beach favourite features a custom-made green moss wall depicting the area known as the “Coffee belt” around the tropics of Capricorn and Cancer from which Starbucks sources its beans . The moss wall has become an iconic element complementing the organic                                         Image Source:  Plant the Future                                   wooden décor.

13. Etsy Headquarters – Brooklyn, New York

Green Walls at Etsy Headquarters The eclectic craft goods e-commerce company has a quirky and light-hearted headquarters. Etsy commissioned a New York-based company to design, install and maintain 9 floors of original plant displays. This involved the development of a rainwater harvesting system and an irrigation system to care for the over 11,000 plants. The office has                                           Image Source: CNBC                                                 green dividers, column planters,    wooden planter boxes as well as five large scale living walls.

14. Wotton + Kearney – Sydney + Melbourne, Australia

Wotton + Kearney Green WallsThe specialist insurance law firm’s new offices in Sydney and Melbourne were designed to be classic but timeless delivering a message of competence and professionalism. The office waiting area features a massive staircase leading up to the office areas. The walls are adorned with mini green walls adding a welcome touch of nature in the and metal stone                                     Image Source: Future Space                                        of the flooring and stairs. Small groups of light green chairs and tables provide a seating area for visitors.

15. Mondelez International Offices – Madrid Spain

Green Wall at Mondelez International OfficeThe new offices of multinational food and beverage company in Madrid feature greenery in several locations to enhance the office atmosphere, including in the office canteen which is decorated with vertical gardens, a tree-lined path and an exhibition of sales campaigns on a wall of pallets. A green wall divider is used to carve up the office, creating a                                                       Image Source: Areazero 2.0                                   collaborative workspace, while         complementing the modern white furnishings.

The Perfect Time for Green Walls is Always

"Nature in her green, tranquil woods heals and soothes all afflictions. "
- John Muir

Living green walls are so exciting because each installation is can be customised so it is a unique piece. As a living structure, it is persistently original yet always changing. Green walls can be part of any setting, formal or casual. They can be massive or miniature. As small as a wall canvas or extending all along a corridor. But no matter their size or shape, they always bring depth and texture to any environment. Whether you want to make a large statement or make the best use of limited space, a green wall will always make a statement, impressive and subtle at the same time.

Many factors go into selecting the appropriate green wall for your home, office or commercial space, including shape, size, material, pricing, installation and maintenance. Helping you define your needs and working within your budget what we do best. We provide comprehensive support in selecting the perfect green installation/s for your space and keeping them looking fresh. Our services include:
  • Assistance in evaluating your site
  • Personalised service
  • Guidance on all the issues that need to be considered including costing, maintenance, etc.
  • Provision of detailed specifications and estimates
  • Delivery of cost-effective practical solutions to meet your requirements
  • World-class products
  • Efficient and timely installation
  • After-sales support and maintenance
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