Interior Landscape Design in Malls and Commercial Centres
Interior Landscaping Design
Updated on 21st May 2015 by Planters
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Interior landscaping adds a whole new dimension within indoor spaces and with the introduction of the biophilic design concept, many interior designers are recognising plants and natural features as the way forward; not only in malls, but in offices, showrooms, hotels and more. This is a fairly new science, having been introduced in 1984; it has taken over thirty years to trickle into mainstream design but has now established a firm foothold. Backed by extensive studies and in-depth research into the psychological effect of plants and biophilic elements, both interior and exterior landscapes are set to dictate the design demands of the future.

Interior Landscaping Design

The interior landscaping design varies according to the scope of project; malls are generally large structures which need to be filled with interior aspects that are proportionate to the area, but are not too obstructive in terms of floor space. Within mall interiors, small trees can be dwarfed by expansive ceilings; which is why custom-made preserved palm trees are popular within atriums and perfectly suited to the high ceilings of malls.

Planters Architecture

The benefits of providing quality interior landscaping and plant maintenance go beyond the obvious visual enhancement; plants improve the aesthetics and enhance the architecture, however introducing an element of nature indoors also helps to absorb noise and echoes in spacious environments. This is particularly true where Mosswalls and similar vertical or expansive plant structures are installed. Besides Mosswalls, Living Green Walls and Plantwires can also be installed effectively within interiors to utilise unused vertical space or turn an uninteresting zone into a user-friendly retail area.

Planters Interior Landscaping

Planters Horticulture has landscaped the interiors of many popular malls, including the world's largest mall: Dubai Mall; Festival City Mall; Ibn Battuta Mall; Burjuman Mall and Times Square Mall. With years of experience in interior landscaping and maintaining interior plants within palaces and other prestigious projects, Planters exhibit the skills, experience, and attention to detail that is required in luxury interiors; making them the first choice for landscaping the interiors of the UAE.

Superior Plant Maintenance

Many of the aforementioned malls house preserved palm trees from Planters Artificial, the sister company of Planters. Others, such as Times Square, had large pockets of living plants installed, which thrive in the mall's abundant natural light. The range of landscaping possibilities are wide and far-reaching, and in this day and age - with the technology accessible to industry leaders such as Planters - almost anything is possible. Interiors have never looked so good thanks to the introduction of biophilic design into mainstream environments, along with the continuous provision of superior plant maintenance.

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