13 Landscape Design Inspirations for Businesses in 2019
Updated on 28th Feb 2019 by Planters
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Business is tough and highly competitive. In most instances, the business with the best product or service makes the most sales. But what happens when rival businesses are offering the same quality product or service? To set yourself apart, you would look at improving other aspects of your business. For most companies, this will involve changing the architectural and interior design of the premises. While these businesses are redecorating and redesigning their premises, they overlook one important aspect - the landscape design. 

Freestanding-Plant-Wall-in-DubaiYour landscape design not only accentuates your premises but also reflects your brand. Yes, your landscape design is an expression of your vision, your company values and the type of clients that you serve. It also influences the company’s first impression on both clients and employees. Perfect landscape design is the best way to show your potential clients what your business entails. How do you get the perfect landscape design for your business in Dubai or Abu Dhabi? Here are a couple of the best landscape designs for you to consider in 2019. 

13 Landscape Design Ideas for your Business:

Moss Walls

This year will be a great chance for your business to showcase its landscape design and what better way to do it than with moss and bark walls? Moss walls not only offer an attractive green wall but also a great feel. The plants are preserved with unique and ecological processes to ensure that your wall plant and foliage retain their freshness and flexibility all year without the hassle of regular maintenance. 

Design #1. Fasten those Greens

Moss Walls at Al Forsan Cafe
One of our local projects at Al Forsan Café in Abu Dhabi features our moss walls. The wall incorporated the Cafe’s contemporary style with a fusion of greenery to the space without fully altering its previous style. We designed a curved backlit moss wall with other small moss wall designs above the windows. With this design, it is possible to seamlessly blend in the use of moss walls without the need for more space in your business premises. 

Design #2. Accentuate your Brand

Moss Wall at Unilever
We incorporated this idea of moss walls into the signage of the company’s logo at the reception. The effect it was able to produce was a welcoming and calming tone for clients and employees coming into the premise. Our designers also took into consideration the wall art and chose the best shade of moss wall to go with it for a perfectly balanced outcome.

Maximise profitability with Green Walls

If your business is limited in floor space and for that you have been unable to think of giving the place a little do up, you might want to consider these green walls. The best thing about embracing green walls in Abu Dhabi or Dubai is that you get to decide whether you want to decorate your interior or your exterior walls with living or artificial plants. Green walls will be among the top landscape design trends in 2019 since you get to increase the greenery in your business without requiring any additional space. 

Living Green Walls

We have different types of living green walls based on your needs such as the freestanding system which comes complete with an irrigation system, or the fixed system that requires access to a water source and drainage. You need not to worry as we offer maintenance packages to save you from the tedious tasks. In addition to providing beauty, green walls provide oxygen and humidity to improve air quality and can act as effective sound absorbers for noisy interiors.

Artificial Green Walls

As real as they look, artificial green walls can besuitable for both interior and exterior décor depending on your preferences. Some artificial green wall suppliers can provide inherently fire retardant (IFR) artificial plant walls which are essential in managing fire hazards. The exterior artificial green walls are UV stabilised to avoid discoloration and solar degradation in the hot climate. Take advantage of this fast growing trend in 2019 to maximise your profits and set your business on the top ranks. 

Like all types of greeneries, these artificial green walls are not only good for their aesthetic benefits. Learn more about the advantages of having these green walls or artificial plants in general in your businesses.  

Design #3. Your Stylish Backdrop

Green Wall in Dubai
The living green wall that we installed at La Mer, Jumeirah in Dubai is a great example of what can be done with living walls. The clients required a fixed living green wall that would create an atmospheric and interesting design feature for their seating areas. We used a colorful selection of plants to allow to the space be transformed into an Instagrammable space. 
Perfect landscape designs are not only limited to the interior of your business premises. In fact, there are a lot of designs that can accentuate your exterior design and one of them is using outdoor living green walls. With these living walls, you can improve the design of any outdoor space. This can be a great choice for restaurants and hotels with an outside patio. 

The best thing about living green walls is that they are equipped with an automatic irrigation system. Furthermore, you also get maintenance services when you purchase the outdoor living green walls from us. 

Design #4. Feature those Green Walls

Green Walls at Coya Spa
The living green wall has been used to create a substitute for a window by allowing a peek into nature. The colour green was the perfect complement in the spa’s design, making the plant wall a feature in the whole interior. We also accentuated the features with some good lighting and wall art from the interior designers. This type of design proves that you don’t need to compromise your land space just to have your own greenery indoors
Design #5. Get creative with those Faux Green Walls

Creative Green Walls
Take an instance of this restaurant in Dubai that we designed. This is an example of how you can be creative with artificial green walls while making it look real. The artificial plant wall was used not just to add a touch of greenery in the space, but it also complemented the existing wall art.

Plant containers

Plant Containers along Grosvenor House HallwayThe use of plant containers is perhaps one of the most popular and versatile landscaping designs that you can use in 2019. The best thing about plant containers is that they are simple to add in your existing landscape and do not require a lot of resources. In most cases, plant containers simply involve using containers to either hold the soil or to use it as a medium for your plant. As simple as it may sound, this landscaping design can be used in a variety of ways. They can also be used to integrate some important pieces of furniture into your design scheme. 

Shelving is one of the unique ways that you can use to store containers in your business. This involves stacking the same containers in a shelving unit to maximise on space while creating a beautiful atmosphere for your business. You may also use different container designs and color schemes for a more exotic look. The best thing about plant containers is that they can be easily maintained, of course, depending on the number of plants you want to install in your business premises.
Design #6. Planting in the Hallway

The image above shows an example of one of our plant container designs at the Grosvenor House in the UAE. Our experts decided to incorporate this idea into the décor, giving that otherwise sparse hallway space a fill. They added some accent lighting to better highlight the beauty of the potted plants and chose the stainless steel containers made by our best skilled craftsmen in the UAE.

Design #7. Impressive Plants in Gorgeous Pots 

GRP Plant Containers
Impress your guests and clients even before they enter your premises. Planters’ designers opted for these beautiful pots to spruce up this entrance and have it looking more stunning as it is. The stem design from the plant also adds a stylish feature to the plant as a whole. This is an example of how you can improve your interior with the simple addition of the best looking plants in quality containers. 
Design #8. Use stepping stones

Exterior Landscape Design
What do you do when you have a beautiful but dull or rather boring lawn? One of the main ways that designers use to accentuate the beauty of a lawn is the use of stepping stones. This involves placing stones or pebbles at different intervals and designs. The best thing about stepping stones is that they are versatile since they can be used at the back of your business premises or at the entrance of your business. Other businesses even take it at a higher level by having an interior landscape featuring real grass. 

Furthermore, you can add in your creativity and branding in these stepping stones. One can also use a well-designed stepping stone walkway to separate two sides of your lawn from each other. This not only accentuates the design but also helps to preserve space. Using stepping stones could be a great landscape design idea to embrace in 2019.

Design #9. Opt for a framed walkway

Another great way to improve your landscape design in 2019 is to embrace the use of framed walkways. These can also be an alternative to stepping stones if you would love a better-looking walkway to get from one side of your green space to another. With this landscape design in Dubai especially, your business will give an amazing impression to your business. 

Landscape Design in the UAE
With framed walkways, you can use trees or plants on either side depending on the height or the specific design that you want. It is a great option for restaurant entrances with a little space to play around with or for hotel gardens. One of the reasons why you should opt for a framed walkway in 2019 is that the design allows you to set the mood in your garden through its different styles. A better idea would be to incorporate this cool design with stepping stones. Procuring the services of the best landscaping companies in Abu Dhabi or greater UAE will ensure you can pull this off with ease.

Interior landscaping

The interior landscape of your business is perhaps one of the first things that your client is likely to interact with when they pay you a visit in your premises. Whether you are looking to add some plants or you want to redecorate your whole indoor landscape, Planters will take care of all your needs. Creating a beautiful indoor landscape for your business will provide a good working environment that your staff will be proud of at all times. Furthermore, it will also make a significant contribution to the overall design of your business premises, which will inevitably impress your clients. 

Contrary to most people’s opinion, interior landscaping does not have to be an expensive affair. You only need a great and experienced landscape contractor to create an interior environment that will inspire your employees. With interior landscaping, you will get a range of design options and it is necessary to talk to your designer about it. After you agree on the specifics of the décor that you want, the installation can be done quickly. Getting the services of Planters is one of the best choice that your business can make if you want to improve your interior design. 

Design #10.  Indoor Park 

Landscape Design at Dubai Airport
Feel at home when you land into the UAE! This beautiful interior landscaping by Planters transformed the airport setting into a relaxed, calming and serene scenery, looking like a garden and peaceful haven in the middle of a busy commercial set up. This type of landscape is perfect for businesses with huge interior land and vertical space.
Design #11. Bring the Forest In

Plant Wires along the Staircase
Plant wires can be placed in areas where it was previously thought to be impossible such as over high ceilings, atriums and even in large office entrances.

In the image above, they were made to hang from the ceiling down like “green pillars” or vines by the staircase. The plant wires brought life to the otherwise dull area while giving a unique yet relaxing effect without losing space. 

Artificial trees

Artificial trees will continue being one of the biggest trends in the landscape design sector. The trees are made to provide an alternative to real trees. They are, however, made as a lifelike resemblance to natural trees and you are less likely to notice that they are artificial trees. Why should your business invest in artificial trees? With artificial trees, you get all the benefits that you would otherwise get from having natural trees but without all the responsibility that usually accompanies it. Read more on the benefits of having artificial trees and greeneries in your landscape.
Design #12. The Lone Tree 

Artificial Tree at Manila Mart
This is one of our projects with the artificial trees at the Little Manila Restaurant in Dubai. The designers went with the all-Filipino theme of the restaurant, strategically placing the tree in the middle of the space, drawing more attention to it and the bamboo ceiling. The lighting was also incorporated to highlight this magnificent greenery.

Preserved palms

Preserved palms will turn any normal space into a glamorous and interesting setting. They are made from real plant materials but have been preserved to ensure they retain the colour and even the feel of natural plants. This means that you get the best of what nature offers without having to deal with the usual maintenance of natural plants. 

Whether you want a bold look in your office spaces or to recreate your former space, choosing preserved palms will never be a wrong idea. The palms are made from some premium quality material, which makes them look like their natural counterparts. 
What’s more, they not only have a mesmerising look but are also highly durable. You may want to bring in a mood of calmness or to recreate the feeling of being in a tropical destination, either way; preserved palms are still a great choice. 

Design #13. Palms in the Pots

Preserved Palms at Burjuman MallTake a look at how Planters Artificial turned this space at Burjuman shopping mall, into a tropical haven with these preserved palms. Placed in beautifully crafted pots, the trees together with the ceiling artwork and lighting have livened up the place to a selfie magnet zone that no one can resist.
Make the first move to a better business year with these Landscape Designs!

You too, do not need a whole office or business revamp to give your business that additional energy. You just need a motivation to have it implemented and a reliable landscape contractor to execute whatever design or plan you have in mind. 

Whether it be a moss wall, living or artificial green wall, plant wire, artificial and preserved palm tree, or a whole new outdoor or indoor landscape area, remember that it has to go with your vision and long term goals. Your landscape design is one of the first things that your clients interact with when they visit your business premises. It helps them assert the type of business you are and the kind of clients that you get. Do not let your clients judge you harshly in 2019 by having a poor landscape design. 

Let Planters and Planters Artificial give your business space that much needed inspiring look by offering you some of the perfect landscape designs this 2019.
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