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Updated on 13th May 2014 by Planters
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Interior Landscaping for Larger Spaces

Embracing the Expanse

Large interiors are grand and majestic, but figuring out how to fill the space to make use of that expanse can be very daunting. The main problem is that the perspective within a large room can make any standard sized tree or decoration look smaller than it actually is. Decorations of a typical size will therefore look paltry in comparison to the large building, and will not echo the desired sense of luxuriousness throughout the building.

For this reason, interior decoration and landscaping must always be in proportion to the space. In order to create a large, stately room or building, you must compliment the space by furnishing it with large trees and decorations.

Interior Decoration
Photo credit: Robert Steinkopff

Interior Landscaping

When creating a beautiful plant display indoors, light must be the first consideration real trees will require a great deal of natural light in order to survive, and in some cases, this can be prohibitive to the desired aesthetic. On the other hand, preserved trees require none, and are therefore ideal within buildings that have little to no natural light.

Living foliage is beautiful and certainly brings an air of elegance and luxury into the building; however, a similar effect can also be achieved with preserved palms, trees, flowers, and foliage, as they too are real plants that have been preserved in their most beautiful state. Preserved flora does not require the same maintenance as living plants do; a dusting is all that is necessary to keep preserved flora looking its best.

Burjuman Centre Interior Landscaping
Interior Landscaping by Planters Horticulture in the Burjuman Centre, Dubai.

Preserved Trees and Foliage

Planters Artificial offers many varieties of preserved palms, trees, flowers and foliage and have 20 years of experience in interior landscaping with preserved plant life. Whether you are looking to make a statement or simply compliment the interior design, Planters Artificial is well accomplished and able to advise on all aspects of the interior landscape design, supply, and installation of your project.

Ibg Battuta mall Preserved Palms Interior Landscaping
Preserved Interior Landscaping by Planters Artificial in Ibn Battuta Mall, Dubai.

For more information on preserved interior landscaping, please visit their website.

For more information on living interior landscaping services, please contact Planters Horticulture, Planters Artificial's sister company, on +971 4 388 3283, email or visit

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