Latest Office Interior Design Trends of 2017
Interior Design Trends
Updated on 22nd Nov 2017 by Planters
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2017 Interior Design Trends 

People spend a great deal of their time in the work environment. This is why people who own or manage commercial premises in the UAE, and across the globe, are becoming so concerned with providing an interesting and well-designed environment. If you have a property, you need to consider creative and cost effective ideas that can help make your commercial space a great place to visit or to work in. 
Interior Design Trends
One of the best ways to do this is to take a look at interior design trends, and see how you can make them work for you. We are going to take a look at some of these trends in this article, including using plant walls in Dubai to bring the garden inside, and creating work zones in your office space. We are also going to consider how smart technology is great for interior design, and for business overall. All of these trends are worth considering, for commercial premises, not only in the UAE, but also internationally.

Bringing the garden inside

You may not know much about the world of biophilia, which includes using living walls to create a more natural business and working environment. Medical research suggests that green spaces, and the presence of plants, can help to improve a person's psychological well-being. This is why the trend for biophilic designs makes so much sense.

The great news is that you can hire an expert in interior landscaping to help you with everything from creating bark walls to maintaining the landscaping in your office and providing trees to use inside your businesses. They can also provide an external landscaping service, so that you can provide an excellent environment inside and out.

Bark Walls
This trend for interior landscaping, such as bark walls, is something that any business can benefit from embracing. Not only do people feel happier in this type of environment, but plants also make breathing easier, by releasing oxygen into the atmosphere. This is especially useful if you have employees who suffer from breathing difficulties. There is simply no doubt that this is a trend which can make any commercial space a better place to work or visit.

Creating work zones in your office

Take a look at interior design trends for the commercial world, and you will see that creating work zones in an office space is up there amongst the most popular. In recent years, there has been a trend for completely open plan office designs. Even CEOs have often left their office, and relocated to the open plan environment. This trend has certainly helped to create a more collaborative environment, and a feeling of belonging. But it does have its faults.

There are times when people need a quiet and private space, simply in order to perform effectively. This is why current interior design trends are embracing the use of both collaborative open work zones, and more private areas, such as work pods. It's worth embracing this trend in your office, if you want your workforce to be as productive as possible.

Moss Wall in the Office
You may even want to combine these first two trends we have mentioned, by adopting the trend of moss walls in Dubai and using it to help create a more natural environment in an open collaborative area, with pods placed strategically around, for extra privacy when it's needed.

The trend of the smart office

As interior design trends go, this is probably not so much of a trend, but as a development that is here to stay, and which will continue to advance in 2018 and beyond. New technology can actually be integrated with the desks that are used in modern offices. Adopt this type of trend, and the people who work in your office can get all of the benefits that come from using a tech desk.

Gadgets on the Desk
All of this technology means that people can choose which devices they use for work, including mobile devices, desktops and laptops. Of course, all of these devices need to be connected in order for this to work. This is where using smart technology comes in. The ability to adapt the way we work is especially useful when it comes to remote working. If you have employees who work from home, they can do so while still remaining connected to the work that is being done in the office. This helps to create a greater level of flexibility throughout the business. It's important to recognise that the use of technology in this way is something that is expected by the millennial generation who often make up a large part of the workforce. They are used to being able to swap between the devices they use at home, so it makes sense to enable them to have the same level of choice when they are in work.

Smart technology is one trend that you do not want to miss out on. It's not just an interior design option; it's also an integral part of running a successful business.

Plant Walls in the Open Office Space
All of these interior design trends have an important part to play in the commercial environment today and even in the next year to come. From the innovation of creating vertical gardens or using moss walls to using work zones and smart technology to promote productivity, they all have an important part to play in the future of businesses in the UAE and abroad.
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