Leopold's of London Living Green Walls by Planters Horticulture
Plantwalls in London
Updated on 24th Nov 2014 by Planters
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Plantwalls in LondonPlantwall Feature

Planters Horticulture has installed another of their impressive Living Green Walls into the decadent Leopold's of London restaurant within the ultra-sophisticated locale of the Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai. Perfectly situated within this upscale dining and shopping district, Leopold's stands out proudly with an impressive array of 1,200 plants within their 50m Plantwall feature.

Plantwall for Leopods

Leopold's of London is an upscale cafe during the daytime that evolves into a brasserie in the evening; serving premium tea, coffee, and mock tail blends as well as a sophisticated and varied range of food.

When Leopold's approached Planters Horticulture, they did so with a living green wall feature as a fully-formed concept already in mind. Leopold's were looking for an impressive green focal-point which wouldn't take up floor space' whilst also perfectly complementing their modern and sophisticated interior. Between 6 - 8 different plant species were arranged over the span of the Plantwall to ensure a uniform yet natural feel.

Planters Horticulture installed two Living Green Walls for Leopold's - in Galleria Mall, Sowwah Square Abu Dhabi and in Jumeirah Beach Residence Dubai. The award-winning interior landscaping company continues to maintain the green walls at both branches, ensuring they always look healthy and replacing any plant that falls below their high standards.

Greenery Plantwalls 
Living Green Walls are an impressive way of incorporating greenery within interiors as they lift the entire environment, elevating an everyday room into a premium space. Please contact us for more information on how a green wall could transform your premises: call +971 4 388 3283, email contact@planters.ae or visit www.planters.ae.

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