7 Ways to Minimise Living Green Wall Maintenance
Updated on 16th Jul 2017 by Planters
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How to Minimise your Living Green Wall Maintenance?

As one of the most trusted landscapers in Dubai, Planters is always providing innovative new products and services. One of the most recent innovations is the exterior living green wall, developed alongside Mark Laurence of Vertology. With 30 years of experience in landscaping, Laurence and Planters have developed a customizable living wall that transforms exterior landscapes in the UAE.

Living walls in Abu Dhabi and Dubai not only reduce energy bill expenditure, absorb sound, and help protect the environment – they also make urban centres feel closer to nature. To keep these living walls healthy for years to come, Planters has designed an irrigation system that keeps plants healthy. However, there are ways that proud new owners of living green walls can help reduce the maintenance of their wall. By taking the following steps, maintenance can be kept to a minimum and walls will be kept looking healthy and green for longer.

1. Work with Planters to Choose the Right Plants

Planters works with every client to ensure that the living wall they choose is designed specifically for them. When you order your wall, a member of the Planters team will discuss your budget, your requirements, and your building. The amount of light your building has access to on an average day, the location of your property, and the kind of weather you experience will all be taken into account.

By considering the local climate, the size of your building, and any other external factors, Planters can help you choose the perfect plants. You will be able to choose plants that live longer in your environment, and which will look great for many years to come. You can avoid unnecessary maintenance by choosing plants that grow quickly, and require minimal care.

Trust Planters' team of professionals who will work to ensure that the plants you choose require little-to-no maintenance throughout the year.

2. Optimising Access to Natural Light

Living Green Wall

This is something else that the Planters team can assist you with. Walls can be pointed in certain directions and installed on specific walls, ensuring that the plants have access to as much light as they need. The amount of light required will, of course, depend on the plants chosen, which is why working with the Planters team is so important. Their team of specialist landscape contractors in Dubai will work to ensure that no plants die because of a lack of light.

3. Using Appropriate Nutrient Solutions

Different plants require different nutrition. Living walls do not use soil – this would be inefficient and require extensive maintenance throughout the year. Instead, Planters uses a clever hydroponics and irrigation system that feeds plants through intermittent watering. The water used is infused with nutrients, ensuring that the plants installed on the panel get all the nutrition they need through the water.

To ensure that your living wall requires minimal maintenance throughout the year, the Planters team will talk you through the nutritional requirements of the plants used in your wall.

4. Remove Dead Plants

In the event that plants die, it’s important that they are quickly removed from a living wall. While the perfectly-balanced irrigation and nutrition system is sure to keep plants healthy, it’s impossible to stop the spread of disease in some instances. If some plants begin to die because of disease, it’s essential that they are removed.

This means that other plants won’t need to be removed or trimmed in the future, protecting the entire wall and allowing other plants to grow bigger and fill any space. Plants are extremely resilient, and when dying or damaged plants are removed, others will quickly replace them. This reduces future maintenance and keeps living walls looking fantastic.

5. Regular Preventative Maintenance

Planters can provide advice about preventative maintenance, using special nutrition and anti-disease substances that protect plants through the irrigation system. Preventative maintenance can also include pruning plants. By taking action to keep a living wall healthy, it reduces future maintenance.

For advice, be sure to speak to the team at Planters, who work to ensure that your living wall lasts for years to come.

6. Ensure Easy Access

Plant Walls

Maintenance is impossible if professionals can’t gain access – which is why Planters, as professional landscapers, will ensure that your living wall is installed in such a way that access is easy. By ensuring easy access at all heights, maintenance is simpler and quicker. This is a preventative measure that means your experience with a living wall is hassle-free.

7. Confirm Access to Proper Drainage

Ensuring that you have access to proper drainage, and ensuring that this drainage system remains unblocked throughout the year, makes maintenance easier. Block drainage systems can quickly cause problems, with water backing up and potentially ruining the finely-tuned timing of the irrigation system.

Planters Makes Maintenance Simple and Easy

As professional landscape contractors in Dubai, Planters has years of experience ensuring that every client has a seamless experience – from the beginning of a project, and throughout the lifespan of any products purchased. The team at Planters can provide ongoing support and advice relating to living wall maintenance, ensuring that all walls remain healthy throughout the year.
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