Dubai Airport Landscape Design
Updated on 18th Aug 2019 by Planters
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Dubai Airport Landscape DesignBusiness owners and commercial firms all over the world have now started incorporating landscape design into their marketing strategies. Imagine a setting with well-manicured grass and a variety of green foliage, colourful plants and trees strategically placed. It simply oozes professionalism and creates a good impression to passersby who might just end up being your customers or clients. Other than attracting potential customers, good interior and exterior landscaping has also been proved to greatly boost employee productivity levels by reducing stress and providing a conducive work environment.

Taking up these natural and beautiful additions into your interior is a sure way of increasing your company's profitability. We shared a list of landscape design inspirations for your business regardless of the size in previous blogs. An aesthetic value in office design enhances our sense of well-being while contributing significantly to high productivity levels among workers.

This article focuses on some of the modern landscape designs from around the world and the effect that the landscaping had on the business.

1. Mega Food Walk in Mega Bangna Mall, Bangkok, Thailand

The Mega Food Walk is an extended semi outdoor zone at the Mega Bangna shopping mall, which is located at the heart of Bangkok, Thailand.

This is the food section of the mall and thus needs to be relaxing and calming. The landscapers were able to achieve this by the use of greenery. The bridge located in between these plants is made of wood thus further helping to achieve the relaxed and tropical mood.

A cooling system is also in place as it circulates cold water which is supplied from solar powered chillers. In addition to that, the breezy airflow distributes cool moisture that is important for the growth of the plants. It is a perfect example of outdoor garden indoors. This design received a 'Highly Commended' award in Completed Building-Shopping from World Architecture Festival 2018. 

Mega Food Walk Interior Landscape

2. Jewel, Changi Airport, Singapore 

The Changi Airport, commonly referred to as Jewel, is located in Singapore. It boasts of an eight acre indoor garden located in between terminals where travelers, visitors and locals can enjoy a light and water show from the surrounding restaurants and cafes or from the event plaza. 

The main feature is a 40-metre-high Rain Vortex, the world’s largest indoor waterfall, and a garden with 2,000 trees in the Forest Valley. This landscape design was a project of PWP Landscape Architecture and has proceeded to win many awards since its opening in April 2019. 

This garden has been used to distract travellers and visitors from the hustle and bustle of a busy airport. They can enjoy a nature walk while carrying out their business. The trees and greenery together with the massive rain vortex create an indoor nature experience that will tickle the fancy of every adventurous spirit who visits.

3. Quzhou Sports Center Park, China 

Quzhou Sports Centre Park, China
Image Source: ArchDaily by MAD Architects

Quzhou Sports complex is located in Zhejiang, China. Designers took advantage of the hilly terrain and built a technically sophisticated complex, with a sunken lake in the middle of the hills. It is surrounded by a series of forests that frame the views from the park, separating it from the busy city around. The 700,000 sqm sports campus combines the functions of a sports park with natural and organic forms to embrace years of history and culture in Zhejiang.

The landscape design allows the visitors to immerse in nature whether inside or outside of the property. Around the stadium, the lakeside terraces include green stone and lawn stepped seating for events. It also brags a beach with magenta colored sand at the base of the natatorium and a monumental sculpture which is visible from all parts of the park. 

4. Seoul City Hall’s Green Wall

Seoul City Hall Green Walls

Image Source: TimeOut

Seoul's city hall set a Guinness World Record in 2013 as the world's largest vertical garden. It was created to complement its new environmental friendly features with its numerous renewable energy sources, from solar to geothermal power. This vertical green walls also help regulate the humidity levels in the building.  The building receives natural light from the glass facade which accentuates the green walls. The green walls are beneficial to the employees as they serve as an indoor air filter that sucks in pollutants and fine dust, ensuring they breathe clean air despite being located in a busy city.
The landscape design has won several awards in Korea for its sophisticated design – a well-deserved recognition!

5. Indeed Offices in Tokyo

Indeed Tokyo Office
Image Source: Officelovin' 

Indeed’s offices located in the Azabu district of Tokyo, Japan seem to be every employee’s dream workplace. The designers intergrated small relaxing areas marked with beautiful landscaping, lighting and color for employees which makes the 9-5 hours much more comfortable for the employees. The lighting and wall art has been used to complement the green décor

6. The Rainforest Chandelier by Patrick Blanc at EmQuartier, Bangkok

EmQuartier is a large shopping mall located in Bangkok, Thailand. This lush “rainforest chandelier” was a project of Patrick Blanc, a French Botanist. 
Rainforest Chandelier
Image Source: Rainforest Chandelier

It has been used, together with appropriate lighting to evoke a sense of calmness and relaxation in the ever busy mall. Many restaurants have taken advantage of this feature by setting up right next to it and offering their guests a beautiful view despite being indoors. 
It won the Prix Versailles 2018 Special Prize in Shopping Centre Category of South Asia and Pacific among many other awards.

7. Zorlu Centre in Instabul, Turkey

Zorlu Center
Zorlu Centre is a new lifestyle destination located at the heart of Istanbul, Turkey. Its spectacular design was as a result of a collaboration between two big, award winning architects: Architect Emre Arolat (EAA), winner of the Aga Han award, and RIBA international Award winner Architect Murat Tabanl?o?lu (Tabanl?o?lu Architects). Since its inception, Zorlu Centre has risen to recognition internationally.

It serves as a mixed use project, featuring a performing arts centre, a shopping mall, hotel, office and residential spaces. The green shell which surrounds the roof and walls were associated with the hill of Istanbul that was once used as the recreation area of the city. They also used the Pinus pinea, a tree species among the Turks, in the courtyard to create a homely feeling to the large commercial space.

8. InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland, China

InterContinental Shanghai
Image Source: Top Real Fact

The Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland is built underground in an abandoned quarry in southwestern Shanghai. Through the use of geothermal and solar power, the building is able to generate its own power, heat and lighting. It has surrounding waterfalls that the landscape designers paired up with lush green grass and trees to complete the natural feel.  

At the top of the quarry, the designers used a grass roof to help it adapt a low profile and look as natural as possible.

9. Amazon Spheres in Seattle, USA

Amazon Spheres Interior
Image Source: Fast Company

These spheres function as work spaces for a number of Amazon workers in Seattle, USA. They consist of about 400 selected plant species from all over the world to connect the employees with nature. The green walls make the office more comfortable and the employees more productive. The design has received multiple awards from Best of Design Awards to Innovative Workplace of the Year. 

10. Bosco Verticale, Boeri Studio Architects

Vertical forests in Milan, Italy were designed by Boeri Studio Architects.  The designers took advantage and made use of the balconies as a compensation for lack of floor space. The effect it made was to brighten up the building and set it apart from neighbouring buildings in the busy city. The plants also help in temperature regulation and air filtration, making the spaces as relaxing as possible.

11. Titan Integrity Campus, Bangalore, India

Titan Integrity Campus, Bangalore, India
Image Source: ArchDaily

This corporate office building is located in the Electronics city of Bangalore, India. It has an adjoining lake and the designers worked in line with this. The trees complement the view of the lake, giving the whole structure a greener look, making it more conducive for physical activities among the employees. They can take a break in this serene environment between work hours to rest and rejuvenate, boosting their productivity.

12. Playkot Offices – Saint Petersburg

Playkot's Office Green Wall
Image Source: Office Snapshots

Playkot is a Saint Petersburg-based developer of online games. Their offices were designed by BRIZ studio, who worked to develop a comfortable workspace for the developers who are mostly at their desks. The green walls and potted plants help to break the monotony in the office hence increasing the employee's effectiveness and productivity. 

13. Liander Offices – Duiven

Liander Office Design
Image Source: Fokkema & Partners

Liander is a newly developed Dutch Energy Company located in Duiven, Netherlands. Being an energy saving company, the designers opted for a design with greener features. 
The walls used here have been used to break the monotony of the dull office colours. They have been accentuated by the lighting feature at the top of the walls, making it look more impressive and relaxing.

14. Quadrant Energy Office – Perth

Quadrant Energy Office Plants
Image Source: Office Snapshots

Quadrant Energy is located in Perth, Western Australia. Their offices have taken up an open plan arrangement and the designers opted for potted plants and green walls to partition the work spaces. The plants have made the room livelier and spacious, in comparison to the conventional partitions. 

15. Cairnhill Law Offices, Singapore

New office for Cairnhill Law in Singapore
Image Source: Architizer

The designers of Cairnhill Law Offices based in Singapore went with a biophilic design to offer a relaxed mood that is much needed in the firm. Plants are also good sound absorbers, thus helping to reduce noise levels. The designers utilised this small space effectively and made it appear spacious with the use of the plants and lighting.

16. Dubai Airport by Planters UAE

Dubai Airport is one of our projects here in the country. We created a small garden in this space that would otherwise be empty and a visual bore. It has created some warmth in the space, making the visitors feel more comfortable and welcomed. 
Dubai Airport Landscape Design
Landscape contractors are shifting towards mixing hardscape materials, bringing the outdoors in and more environmental friendly options. It is also hard to miss the exquisite water features that every company seems to have taken into consideration. Top contractors are also becoming more keen on low voltage and LED lighting that are efficient and long lasting. 

Many businesses in the corporate world are now moving towards highly sophisticated biophilic landscape designs. The effect that this has on their businesses is tremendous growth in terms of profitability, customer ratings and quality output.

Hire a Landscape Contractor for your Next Landscape in Dubai

Modern landscapes need to be handled by landscape contractors if you are aiming to achieve the same results as the above examples. They are highly trained to work with detailed plans that are sure to increase the value of your property by a large margin. Landscape contractors can help you save costs by working within your budgets while still getting you your desired outcome. If you’re still unsure if you really need to hire one for your next project, here is another blog on why you should hire a landscape contractor in Dubai.

For your business to stay relevant at such a time, you will need to invest in your workspace designs by hiring a professional landscape designer and contractor. Contact Planters today and let us help. 
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