Innovative outdoor landscaping ideas to attract more business
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Landscaping ideas for business
Updated on 12th Sep 2019 by Planters
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Turn your business into a relaxing and enjoyable environment and keep your clients happy. Regardless of the services provided, ensuring that people enjoy a pleasant and memorable time is the key to any successful business. And one way of doing that is by providing them with an extraordinary landscape that will take their breath away.
Landscaping ideas for business

Landscaping for hotels

If you want to make sure your business is on the top of the list, make sure you are providing your guests with some unique experiences. Providing them with a luxury outdoors design, for example, will give you extra points for your hotel. When people come in vacation, they come to find new experiences, ones that will last in their minds (or on their social media) forever. Offering them a unique and idyllic escape away from their monotonous everyday lives will put you on the top of the charts.

Outdoor landscape_hotels

Are you still not sure you want to take the step into building a unique oasis for your clients? Putting in a balance of the expenses and the benefits would be helpful. Planning such a big project may, indeed, be a little bit expensive, but in the long run it will definitely be worth the money. Coming up with something spectacular will stick in the memories of those who’ve seen it. More than just a nice and clean garden, you need a flawless design that will captivate the attention of your guests. The best way is to create more than just surroundings, but to provide also a full story together with space.

Create an idyllic escape from the mundane world

Wide gardens with greenery and blooming flowers always get to the heart of everyone. People will want to have a place to relax and forget about their daily stress and enjoy some quiet moments. The best way to ensure this is by creating a fairy-tale like scenery where they can get lost in the moment. Artificial landscaping is also perfect for this goal. You can use plants to create small isolated areas where your guests can have some private moments, while still enjoying the outdoors. Faux greenery helps because you can basically use it in any place you want without thinking about positioning. You can create full walking paths and little openings with some garden furniture or create some special meditation zones. This can help with both types of guests – the ones who just want to stay outside and chill, and the others who prefer taking a walk and being active.

Home is where stress isn’t – a landscape to escape

If you’re planning on improving your real estate business, it may be worth considering having amazing outdoor landscapes. Well-designed outdoor landscapes can help you build for your tenants a real sanctuary, away from the busyness and the rush of the big city. It may also attract new investors and tenants.

outdoor landscaping_real estate
In order to achieve such goals, you would need the help of an expert who can come up with an entire plan – be it a small yard to a full garden across the whole residential complex. It can also be a family park, a beautiful and relaxing working out zone or even a park for the elderly. Green spaces are not just beautiful, when planned ahead, they can turn into wellbeing oasis and help your tenants to be entertained and engaged, creating unique and unforgettable memories that will raise the value of your property.

Artificial landscaping in residential spaces is also a great way of ensuring comfort and pleasure to the residents, while keeping the maintenance costs low. There is no need for regular grooming and watering, which will reduce the costs a lot, while still giving you the chance to create a unique environment for the community. And even though this may sound as a paradox, artificial greenery is also sustainable even in the long run. It reduces the water bills while reducing the risks of degradation of the plants. Also, building a stress-free sanctuary for your residents will make them feel like home and increase their feeling of belonging. And a well-thought landscaping design can do even more than that – it can improve the relationships between residents, building up not only a great environment but also a great community of people who enjoy each other’s company and like the place where they live.

A Paradise in the city
outdoor landscape_residential community

With landscaping, you can create inside your residential complex a little paradise, away from the noisy and busy streets of the city. Filling the empty spaces in the complex with greenery can help not only build up a nice, relaxing landscape, but also to reduce the noise pollution of the city. Landscaping can help fill in the gaps between the buildings with some unique greenery that will provide to the community a safe and relaxing place that will become part of their daily lives. It can help to build green areas where people can have a walk, run in the morning or leave their kids to play safely outdoors and enjoy some quality time with their families and friends.

Bring your residential complex back to life by building a community park

A great way of engaging the community in the social life of a residential complex is by facilitating their interaction using outdoor landscapes. The outside environment can be a great tool in bringing people together, but can also drive them apart, if not used in a meaningful way. Community parks have always been a place of social interaction. Whether between kids using the same playground or their parents, accompanying them, this common space is the best way to consolidate a community and bring back to life a neighbourhood.

How to create the best community park in your complex?

First, you must think about the people who will benefit from it as well as their needs. But usually, there are ways of making everyone happy. For instance, having a park with a bike lane is a great way of ensuring the young and older generations will get the same satisfaction from using this green area. Having specific areas for dog owners can also be a good idea, and, nevertheless, some shady places for everyone to relax during the hot summer days. Planters can offer a lot of solutions to outdoor landscaping in community parks.
Building up such a space can be a great way of attracting investors, if you are willing to put enough time and effort into developing it. A community park shouldn’t be limited at only the needs of the residents, but also of the needs of the whole local community. This being said, you can include in your project from simple gardens to dog parks, extensive walking trails, thematic playgrounds or even tennis centres. Use it as an asset of your complex and turn it into an attraction. It doesn’t only serve as a recreation space for the entire community but it can also get the attention of businesses that in time, can help it grow. You just have to know how to utilise the landscape to your business’ advantage.

Taking Outdoor Landscaping to the Next Level

Whether you’ve decided to offer your clients more valuable experiences, or you’ve realised you need new businesses to come into your doors, improving your business’ exteriors may be the key. Planters can guide you through creating biophilic environments that will help you create a great impression in front of your clients or draw the attention of prospects towards your property, earning you a good reputation for future references.

Get in touch with our experts now and find out how to turn your outdoor space into a green paradise.
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