Paint your Walls with Moss
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Updated on 17th Sep 2015 by Planters
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Recently, sustainable design has become a popular trend in interior landscaping in Dubai and in the whole UAE. Designers are now adding organic and biodegradable green walls to their client's spaces.

Planters moss walls can liven up any space. You can bring the outdoor environment to your interior with this unique greenery. Aside from walls, these moss walls can also be added to the ceiling. 

Our Mosswalls have excellent soundproof features, making them perfect additions to different business industries. They can improve the aura of your offices, cafes, restaurants, schools, offices, gyms, galleries, hotels, shopping malls and more. They don't just look good but they're very functional too!

Types of Preserved Greenery


Lichen is versatile. It creates a uniform colour effect while providing a strong visual impact. It's perfect for both large or small spaces. It's available in a wide range of standard and pantone colours.


The moss used by Planters is harvested in the forests of France during the spring season.

If you're looking to add moss walls in your interior design, please contact Ryan Ramos on +971 4 388 3283, email or visit

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