Planters and Vertology Partner for Living Green Wall Project
Updated on 19th Jun 2017 by Planters
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Planters have announced a new partnership with Vertology. The partnership will combine the landscaping expertise of Planters with Vertology’s mastery of exterior vertical greening. The new partnership will give Planter’s clients and property owners the chance to beautify their buildings making them greener and better insulated, using vertical living green walls.

An Innovative, Green Partnership

The project will see Planters, a company established in Dubai in 1978, use its experience in the interior and exterior landscaping space to help companies transform their properties. Using Vertology’s green walls, Planters will give businesses an opportunity to reduce their expenditure on air conditioning and heating, and give something back to the environment.

Living walls connect people to nature, bringing plant life back to cities and urban spaces. Plants are essential for maintaining urban wildlife, and they also play a huge role in cleaning the air. When fitted to the exterior of a property, these walls can help reduce the temperature in outdoor heat traps. The plants can also keep the temperature inside a building regulated.

Vertology designs, grows, and then installs its living plant walls in the United Kingdom – but thanks to the new partnership with Planters, this operation is moving to the United Arab Emirates. Companies in all fields with commercial properties can now benefit from Vertology’s range of living green walls.

Vertology’s History of Excellence

Vertology is the designer and the manufacturer of the Viridiwall living green wall system. It’s an operation that was co-founded by Georgia Campling and Mark Laurence in 2013. Since then, the company has built on its experience designing living wall systems and has brought the technology to a range of properties all over the world.

Mark Laurence brings 30 years of experience as a horticulturist and designer to the table, with expertise in the living wall industry. Laurence is a professional landscape designer who has specialised in creating sustainable solutions for commercial and residential properties. In 2006, Lauren sat on the Sustainable Design Advisory Committee for the Society of Garden Designers. This was a commission created by the London School of Economics, with a view of creating new landscape strategies that were more environmentally friendly than traditional designs. This led Laurence’s work into the development of vertical walls, which took up less land and allowed properties to reduce their energy usage.
Mark Laurence, Co-founder, VertologyMark Laurence, Co-founder, Vertology 

The Unique Viridiwall 

Vertology’s Viridiwall living green wall is the culmination of years of experimentation. After perfecting the air-water balance to ensure that root-zone bacteria remain at the perfect levels, Vertologyhas created a vertical living green wall that filters air efficiently and allows the plants to grow healthily.

A wide range of plants can be used with Viridiwall technology, meaning that every customer can choose the kind of plant life they want to grow on their property.

Vertology and Planters will have experts fully assess individual properties, coming to a conclusion about the design that’s right for each building. The design and conditions of each site will determine the plant palette used, which in turn opens up the possibility for numerous wall designs. It’s this intricate and extensive knowledge that allows this new partnership to give UAE companies a truly unique and beneficial living green wall.

Before installing, a team will prepare the wall, allowing plants to root in the vertical racking for between 8 and 10 weeks. This allows each plant to become fully rooted into the racking, allowing not just for great aesthetics, but long term reliability. The nutrients will also be fed to the plants through a hydroponic panel system, ensuring that the walls will remain a perfect living space once they’re installed. To maintain the plants, the irrigation system will operate for between 6 and 8 minutes each day.

A Partnership to Transform UAE Business

Businesses throughout the UAE will transform the way they operate with living green walls from the new Planters and Vertology partnerships. Not only do the walls create unique visuals for commercial buildings, but they provide a number of financial and environmental benefits.

Greater Choice and Healthy Environment

The partnership between Planters and Vertology gives businesses throughout the UAE greater choice than ever. Most modernist designs make use of high-quality materials but completely forget about our important connection to nature. Not only do living walls bring professionals closer to nature, but by purifying the air, it helps people perform better.

With living green walls, UAE businesses can ensure that their employees and clients have a clean and healthy space to operate.

Reducing Energy Costs

Vertical gardens can substantially reduce energy costs for small and large buildings alike. Once installed, living walls will cool the air in the summer through a process called evapotranspiration. This is the same way that the body cools itself through sweat. Heat will leave the building through the evaporation of water in the plants, leaving the inside of a property cooler and protected from the heat of the sun.

Not only do the plants protect buildings from the heat of the sun, they also act as insulation during the colder months. Living walls can reduce the temperature on the wall surface by up to 50 °F.

By helping regulate temperatures within a property, Planters and Vertology’s innovative living wall systems allow companies to reduce their spending on air conditioning and heating systems.

Promoting Sustainability & Positive Brand Perception

Aside from helping to protect the environment, plant walls make a bold statement. From the moment somebody sees a property with a living green wall, they know they’re dealing with a company that takes the environment and sustainability seriously.

This is great for improving business and even better for creating a positive brand perception. By helping companies to reduce costs and protect the environment, this new partnership is also helping businesses build better relationships with their customers.
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