Plantwires: The New Green Revolution
Planters Plant Wire
Updated on 12th Nov 2013 by Planters
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Planters Plant Wire

Plant Wires for Modern Interiors

The rainforest is a fascinating place of untamed wildlife, with vines and tendrils that trail down from the trees and form the inspiration behind the new plant wires now offered by Planters Horticulture. The plant wires are living structures that can extend down from ceilings and through atrium's, malls and palaces; introducing greenery on a vertical plane where before it has been impossible. Continuously pursuing pioneering ways to bring nature indoors, Planters add this asset to their impressive repertoire of indoor landscaping services.

Vertical Gardens

With a feel reminiscent of Babylon's ancient hanging gardens, the custom-fitted vines can dramatically transform a space into a unique and captivating environment; breathing life into large interiors and creating a transfixing centerpiece. plant wires are extremely effective when extended down through several stories, and the effect can be further amplified by installing the freely hanging plant wires alongside Living Green Walls.

The Benefits of Nature

Not only are plants visually appealing, but they have also been proven to have considerable benefits in countless studies. Such benefits include increased employee happiness, efficiency, and health; plants can even affect the way clients perceive entire businesses. As plants require carbon dioxide to survive and produce oxygen as a byproduct, they serve to clean and refresh the air naturally and chemical-free, all while creating a captivating visual display. You can read more about the benefits of plants in our previous article, The Psychological Effect of Plants.

Modern Interior Plant Wire

Modern Interiors

Planters remain at the forefront of innovative landscaping options within the Middle East as they continuously raise the standard of interior landscaping to unprecedented levels. Planters' custom-made plant wire solutions are unparalleled within the region; full of life, made to measure and able to transform large spaces within offices, malls and hotels into indoor paradises.

Maintaining plant wires

Planters are proud to be the sole distributor of plant wires in the Middle East. The plant wire structures are produced by the Swedish firm, Green Fortune; the same trusted suppliers who produce their popular Living Green Walls. Planters provide a quality aftercare service, ensuring plant wires are well tended to by their highly experienced and professional maintenance team. In order to uphold Planters' high standards of service, their employees are fully trained in all aspects of plant care and receive further specialised training in maintaining the unique plant structures that plant wires and Living Green Walls require. This is a skill yet to be matched in the Middle East.

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