Planters and Freund Partner for Innovative Moss Walls
Moss Walls at Home
Updated on 11th Jul 2017 by Planters
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Moss Walls at Home

Moss Walls by Planters and Freund 

Planters is one of the most trusted exterior and interior landscaping specialists in the whole of the United Arab Emirates, providing a modern and wide-ranging landscaping and design service. As well as design and architectural expertise, Planters provides a range of products, along with installation and maintenance. Recently, Planters agreed to represent Freund exclusively in the UAE.

Ingenuity and Innovation from Freund

Freund GmbH is a German company that operates from Berlin, providing the highest quality and most innovative interior design solutions for companies all over the world. Over 30 years, Freund has provided exterior cladding and interior designs that reflect the ideals, vision, and style of every client. From architects and designers to planners and constructors, Freund now provides an essential service – the highest quality natural materials to bring nature into modern commercial spaces.

Planters now provide clients, designers and landscapers in the UAE with an opportunity to embrace moss design to transform all types of interiors to help create a more natural-looking environment.

Moss Walls for Modern Commercial Properties

Four types of moss are used in Planters moss walls, and each requires no maintenance at all - no fertilisation, care, or artificial light is required to keep these moss walls healthy and strong – meaning they are ideal for all interiors.

Fixtures for Every Property Size

When you order moss walls from Planters, one of our experts will pay a visit to your property to discuss your requirements, take measurements, and suggest the best options. All moss walls come mounted on black MDF panels as standard, but these can also be swapped for flexible, moisture-repelling, and fire-resistant panels if a client so requires it. By providing multiple options, this exciting new partnership allows companies with all budget sizes to transform their interior space.

All wall fixtures will be designed specifically for a given property, meaning they’ll fit perfectly. A team of highly experienced professionals will provide a timely installation service once the custom panels are ready, ensuring they remain safely in place for many years.

As well as moss walls, Planters offer moss mounting streams and frames. These conceal the edges of MDF panels, and mounting strips make the panels easier to install.

How Moss Transforms Your Office or Commercial Space

As well as reminding your customers and clients about their responsibility to care for the environment, moss walls create a relaxed environment and atmosphere. The calming effect created by the moss walls developed fosters a positive working environment – and they importantly help absorb noise. Whether you’re in an office space or a restaurant, moss walls will stop echoes and create a quieter environment.

Four Kinds of High-Quality Moss Walls


Freund and Planters are proud to announce four kinds of moss wall, all of which are maintenance-free and 100% natural.

Greenwood Moss

Greenwood moss is made from low-growing forest moss. This kind of moss wall also includes a variety of forest plants, including ferns and cushion moss. Small stones are also included, creating a forest vibe that looks amazing on your wall.

Greenhill Moss

The Greenhill moss option is made of both cushion moss and bun moss, making this a textured and varied wall. Whether you use it to fill an entire wall or create moss pictures, it’s an amazing work of art that will add extra depth to your indoor commercial space.

Moosgreen Flexible

With Moosgreen flexible moss, you can fit even curved walls with your favourite moss. These panels are designed for self-installation, and their flexible nature means they can be fixed to a variety of surfaces. They’re made of reindeer moss, and their bright green colour and textured surface make them a statement piece for your commercial or office space.

Premium Evergreen Moss

This premium moss option provides the highest quality moss wall experience. Longer-lasting and natural-feeling, this kind of moss wall is designed to last longer than any other option. Made of 100% Reindeer moss, these walls remain natural-looking, plump, and fresh for years.

Reinventing Commercial and Office Space in UAE

As one of the most trusted landscapers in the UAE Planters are pleased to offer innovative moss walls to allow companies to bring nature indoors, create a calming and quieter atmosphere, and to add the most beautiful trend effects in interior design.
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