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Antoinette Planters GRP Container
Updated on 11th Mar 2013 by Planters
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What are GRP Plant Containers? 

Glass Reinforced Plastic is strong, lightweight and watertight, rendering the material ideal for use both indoors and out. Planters offer a variety of elegant, sophisticated and statement containers in this durable material; each offered in an array of finishes from smooth to natural, and an assortment of both neutral and bold colour options. Below are outlined the container choices available in GRP.

Antoinette is an elegant flute-shaped container which looks stunning in an office environment. Available in four sizes, there is one to suit each size room. Personalise this tall cylindrical planter with your choice of smooth, rippled or natural finishes. Available in four sizes, this container will look beautiful in any space.

Antoinette Planters GRP Container

Beverley containers look sophisticated and stylish and are available in a variety of colours and metallics with the choice of matte, metallic or glossy finishes. The conical lip expands as it rises to the top of the container, forming an elegant structure with a height of 790mm.

Beverly GRP Planters Container

Blob containers are modern, curvaceous GRP containers that are short in height. With four sizes, there is a Blob to suit any type of tree and a feature can be made by mixing different size Blob containers.

Blob Curvacious Containers

Smaller Cirkik containers can sit neatly on a desktop in an office or reception area. Available in six sizes; the larger versions can be planted with fully grown trees. As with Blob containers, an array of sizes can be arranged to create a beautiful, multi-dimensional feature within a space. Cirkik comes in a wide range of colours and finishes to suit its environment.

Small Cirkik Containers

Curvy Bridget planters can form interlocking barriers that can be combined with sister styles Curvy Marilyn and Curvy Sophia to create a stylish screen that is elegantly topped with greenery. These styles also look great on their own and can create a very modern feel when alternating designs are spaced apart within a large area.

Curvy Bridget Planters Containers

Curvy Marilyn has won awards for its stunning design. Similar to the Curvy Bridget only slimmer, this tall, leaning container can make any space elegant. Opting for a bright Curvy Marilyn container can add a lively pop of colour to a sophisticated environment, although the white version can look just as sleek.

Curvy Marilyn Container

Curvy Sophia has an elegant architectural feel to the design. Placing several Curvy Sophia's beside each other creates a dramatic and beautiful impact, however, they can also be interspersed with similar designs such as Curvy Marilyn and Curvy Bridget.

Curvy Sophia Container

Curvy S, as its name suggests, is a curvaceous container that tilts upwards in an S shape. Multiple sizes can be teamed together and look particularly good beneath a staircase. The planter is available with or without circular cut-outs within the design.

Curvy S Containers

Dune planters have broad lips that brighten foliage from beneath with reflected light. These containers look beautiful and business-like while bringing an air of elegance to the conference table. Dune planters are available in many colours and are particularly eye-catching in Pearlescent and Stardust finishes.

Dune Bridge Planters Container

Eclipse has a modern lip with an asymmetric cut to stylishly frame the plant within it. A simple and clean design; this container adds class and style to its environment. Tailor the planter to suit your interior by selecting from a variety of colours and metallics.

Eclipse Planters Container

Katana offers a stunning range of tall, short and desk-top planters that are both striking and simple at the same time. Available in a whole range of different colours; these modern containers will suit any colour scheme.

Katana Planters Container

Planters Katana Containers

Kubik can be used anywhere; with its simple, clean and classic design,; the shape is non-invasive and can either blend into the background or be used to create a bold, colourful statement.

Kubik Planters Containers

Polystone planters have a rough, textured surface as they are constructed with a unique combination of fibreglass, clay and crushed shells. Modern and intriguing, match them with additional texture or pair these elegant flutes up against a smooth wall to create diversity.

Polystone Planters Container

Quadik features bold, rounded corners to knock the conventionality out of regular planters. Modern and quirky, they are truly versatile and will not look out of place in any room. Match them with Quadik Plus containers for a unique yet consistent planting arrangement.

Quadik Containers

Quadik Plus is a tall container; and elongated version of Quadik with the added feature of a Hot Lip planting insert. The Hot Lip allows you to colour-match the planting insert to the container for a uniform look, or mix things up with a bright and cheery colour variation.

Quadik Plus Containers

Stack feature an original layered geometrical design over gracefully tapered flutes. Stylish and stunning, these ridged planters add an air of textured elegance and are as beautiful as they are intriguing. Ideal for hotels and spas; these planters really compliment and emphasise serene rooms and clean environments.

Planters Stack Containers

Trifik triangle planters are perfect for saving space as they will fit neatly into a corner, taking up half the space of a regular square container. However, their distinctive triangular shape also makes them very versatile, and many different shapely combinations can be made using multiple Trifik containers; these variations will inevitably add a unique feel to any environment.

Trifik Container

Ying Yang are interesting planters that perfectly correspond with and complement each other. Two Ying Yang containers of different heights will look graceful and modern beside each other; almost sculpture-like. The containers are tall and slender, reducing the amount of space they require to create a stunning statement. Ying Yang come in a variety of colours, metallic and finishes and can be ordered with either a bulbous top or a narrow top.

Ying Yang Container

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