First Time in Dubai – Planters Introduces Interior Bark Walls for Homes & Offices
Bark Wall Projects
Updated on 25th Oct 2017 by Planters
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Interior Bark Walls 

Planters is now the first interior design company to offer bark walls to customers in the UAE. These innovative installations provide a source of natural beauty within a space using a compact design, similar to living and moss wall installations, providing yet another option for homes and businesses interested in bringing a sense of the outdoors into their interiors.

Bark Wall ProjectsTo help you better understand all of the benefits of bark walls and why Planters is excited to offer them, David, the Managing Director of Planters, answered some key questions on the topic. Here’s what he had to say about their exceptional new offering.

What are Bark Walls?
Bark Walls are natural bark from living trees which has been treated and flattened to provide natural bark panels for interior décor. They come in a number of varieties and we stock Poplar, Birch, Cork and Magma.

Why Bark Walls?
As part of the ever growing importance and recognition of biophilia, there is a need for bringing nature into urban spaces and interiors. Bark Walls satisfy this demand and can be used on their own or in conjunction with green or moss walls.

What’s new and unique about Bark Walls?
Working with our partners in Germany, Freund GmbH, who have developed this concept, Planters can now, for the first time introduce Bark Walls to the UAE. It is new, it is relevant, and is an exciting new contribution to interior design. It has certainly been critically acclaimed by designers here.

Why are Bark Walls the best innovation in the interior décor industry?
Bringing nature indoors is an ever growing trend. It satisfies a deep human need as the world becomes more urbanised and people are increasingly separated from their natural environment. Bark Walls add to the list of solutions for this need.

Why is it great for the Dubai and Abu Dhabi market?
The UAE is at the forefront of change in every sector not least in design and architecture. The very best and newest is expected here and the trends in biophilia are becoming ever more recognised and demanded.

Why did Planters decide to bring this product to the UAE?
It is the right time. Recently, the UAE has become more innovative in the interior design space. As more companies and homeowners learn the value of interior landscaping, Planters wants to make sure all of their customers have the highest quality options available that also allow them to reflect their personal style.

Bark walls offer a striking design aesthetic and are a surefire way to make your interior standout. The material adds a sense of texture, creating visual interest in the room, while remaining subtle thanks to the mixture of natural tones.

Currently, bark walls are available that feature materials from one of three trees: birch, cork, and poplar. Each kind of bark comes with unique benefits and integrates the natural tones of these stunning trees. They also offer different textures, providing our customers with a range of options for achieving the desired look.

Birch Tree Bark Walls

Birch Bark Wall

Birch tree bark walls allow you to bring nature into the indoors while being suitable for almost any color palette. The bark of the most commonly used birch tree is considered white, though it also includes shades of gray and may have hints of beige, green, and yellow. A combination of textures that are represented in birch bark, including subtle striations and deep curves.

Thanks to its suppleness and flexibility, birch bark is highly suitable for interior landscaping installations. Additionally, the unique color associated with birch makes it an appropriate feature in almost any space as it is practically guaranteed to blend in with your other décor even while creating a unique point of interest within the room.
To ensure its longevity, most birch bark installations are sealed. This helps preserve the finish and limits the chance that the surface will discolor over time, allowing you to enjoy the bright white tones for years to come.

Cork Tree Bark Walls

Cork tree bark offers a rougher texture with a higher amount of contrast. It features a range of natural colors that vary between light and dark brown, often with hints of rusty reds and gray. Additional colors can be achieved through the use of complementing varnishes, bringing out the texture and making the cork suitable for a variety of color schemes. 

Cork Bark Wall
A member of the oak family, cork bark includes natural knots and pitting that create stunning texture. Each piece is completely unique, mimicking the amount of variation one would expect in such a product.

In addition, cork provides additional insulation for your interior surfaces, making it easier to maintain a comfortable interior temperature and helping to prevent noise from one room from passing into the other. The material is also naturally water and mold resistant, ensuring the bark wall remains undamaged if incidentally exposed to water or high humidity.

Cork is also anti-microbial and hypo-allergenic, making it particularly suitable for use in business spaces where customer comfort is a priority.

Poplar Tree Bark Walls

Poplar Bark Wall
A variant of the willow tree, popular bark features a rich, deep brown color with a variety of textures. Younger poplars often have a flat bark structure, making the look more subtle, while older poplars have thick protective bark with deeper ruts and furrowing, creating a more dramatic look.

Due to its structural durability, poplar bark often does not require additional supporting elements during installation, which can be beneficial in smaller interior rooms where having as much space as possible is prized.

As with all natural interior landscaping installation, no two pieces of poplar bark are alike. Since the material is harvested from a tree, textural variances can occur due to knots, growth stress, birds pecking at the surface, and even lightning strikes.

Suitable for Any Style Interior

Freund GmbH Bark Wall Project Natural bark walls can complement a variety of design aesthetics, making it a fitting addition to almost any residential or commercial interior space. It can be combined with sleek lines and materials like metal and concrete for a more modern take or other natural elements to create a soothing atmosphere. Since the colors features in most bark walls are considered neutrals, they can also be integrated with almost any color palette ranging from vibrant to subdued or even monochromatic.

Additionally, bark walls can be designed to fit any interior wall. Planters will review your residential or commercial property to determine the material requirements based on the size of the feature wall and then create a beautiful, custom installation based on your unique needs and vision. Since each panel is crafted specifically for your interior landscaping project, the bark wall panels are guaranteed to fit perfectly every time.

Superior Craftsmanship

Taking bark off of a tree or log requires great skill, especially when the goal is to remove an unbroken full cylinder. The materials that are chosen for landscaping projects in Dubai are of the highest quality, ensuring that the panels are free from damage that may occur should a less experienced person attempt to remove the bark from the tree.

Planters is excited to be the first and only interior landscaping company to offer natural bark walls to its residential and commercial customers in the UAE. As a company, they work hard to stay at the forefront of interior design trends and enjoy creating stunning spaces using unique features like bark walls. Planters treats each panel with exceptional care to make sure that the results are durable and stunningly beautiful. When installed by skilled hands, a bark wall can last for decades with proper care, making it a long-term interior design solution that can become a signature in any space.
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