Planters Introduce Moss Walls
Moss Walls
Updated on 6th Apr 2015 by Planters
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Moss Walls Now in Dubai: Moss Walls

Ever innovative, Planters is once again at the forefront of cutting-edge interior concepts as they introduce their latest product: Moss Walls. The perfect green solution to enhance open spaces, the preserved foliage creates a truly unmatched atmosphere within the interiors that will influence the future.

Similar to Living Green Walls, moss walls utilise the vertical space that is otherwise unused. The lichen used is a preserved moss that forms a blanket of greenery, thereby forming a highly visible natural feature. Moss walls are suited to a variety of applications and due to the preservation process they are well suited to interior environments with little to no natural light.

Benefits and Advantages

With a wide variety of moss species in an expansive range of both natural and Pantone colours, your moss wall can be developed to match any chosen element within your interior. Moss walls are available in lichen, moss, and moss with leaves; as illustrated below.

Across Plant Mosswalls Mosswall Blog

Perfect for use on walls or on ceilings, moss walls provide a largely uniform colour; particularly the pure lichen walls, and create a dramatic visual impact. These impressive walls can cover large areas as the focal feature or enhance smaller architectural details.

Care Instructions for Moss Walls

Incredible durable and requiring no maintenance, Planters' moss walls come with a 7-year guarantee which they are fully expected to outlive, provided the correct care advice is adhered to.

The following procedures are advised for Moss Walls:

  • Avoid exposure to UV rays
  • Do not water
  • Keep within minimum humidity

The above care steps are the only considerations required for these structures as they are largely self-sufficient, however not complying with the above instructions would age and decay the otherwise perfectly-preserved plant.

Custom Moss Walls

With so many applications, your moss wall can be entirely customised and to cover anything, from walls to ceilings and hanging lights; and they can depict anything from patterns to words and architectural detains if a more intricate approach is required.

Lichen Mosswalls
Office Ceiling Mosswall
Moss with Leaves
        Moss with Leaves

Combining aesthetics with functionality, these impressive structures also absorb noise and echoes, rendering moss walls particularly effective in large, public spaces such as malls and restaurants; as well as environments such as open-plan offices.

Mosswall with Design
Custom Mosswalls


Moss walls are easily applied to any surface and can be custom-made into patterns, words or pieces of artwork. No natural light or maintenance of any kind is required with these walls; Planters' moss walls are not static so they will not even attract dust.

Interior Mosswalls Planters Mosswalls

To discover the possibilities of establishing moss walls in your interior, please contact Ryan Ramos on +971 4 388 3283, email or visit

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