Planters Launches Outdoor Living Green Walls by Creating One at their Office
Updated on 27th Jul 2017 by Planters
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Outdoor Living Green Walls

Planters, the leading landscapers in Dubai, is pioneering a new scheme to get businesses to install outdoor living green walls on their commercial or residential properties. These outdoor living walls allow plants to grow vertically, transforming the appearance of the city and helping protect the environment.

To start the new scheme, a team of Planters landscape contractors in Dubai has worked with a pioneer of sustainable landscaping to install a new living green wall. Working alongside Vertology’s Mark Laurence, who pioneered the living wall system, Planters has installed an exterior living green wall at their very own Dubai offices. The new project shows clients and customers their strong commitment to protecting the environment and serves as a proof of concept to other businesses who want to transform their properties.

How It Was Achieved

Under the guidance of Mark Laurence, who has pioneered living walls in Dubai and the rest of the world, Planters set up their very own living wall. Laurence has been working as a landscape designer and consultant for more than 30 years, and it was in 2007 that he first patented and developed the Biowall system. The design uses hydroponic vertical greening methods that allow plants to grow vertically along a wall, in the same way that they grow from the ground.

Using his patented Viridiwall™ system, Mark Laurence worked with Planters to ensure that the wide range of plants used in living walls have access to all the nutrients and water they need. The expertise of Laurence and Planters have come together to create living walls in the United Arab Emirates that are suitable for all kinds of properties.

Challenges Overcome by Landscapers and Experts

Planters and Laurence have brought together a wealth of knowledge developed over decades of experience in the landscaping industry. The primary challenge that was overcome to create this innovative living wall system was the monitoring of the numerous plant species used. Each variety of plant required different levels of water, meaning that the hydroponics systems had to be tuned perfectly to ensure that every plant had the precise amount of resources they need to stay healthy.

The team at Planters also spent time deciding which plants were specifically suited to the local climate and the light conditions. Plants were also chosen and installed in a way that ensures the wall looks vibrant and healthy in all seasons.

To ensure that the wall looked beautiful throughout the year, Planters create an experimental wall at the nursery, where all the living wall plants are grown. Mark Laurence used his knowledge and experience to carefully monitor the progress of plant growth. He then chose the plants that suited the wall perfectly, creating the first exterior living green wall installed at Planters.

Custom Designs for All Properties

One of the great things about these living green walls in Dubai is how they are totally customisable. Panels can be adapted according to the size of an interior or exterior wall, and they can even bend. The flowers and plants can also be chosen according to taste – though the team at Planters will be able to advise the best plant options based on local climate and access to sunlight.

The shape, designs, and colour schemes can also be changed – meaning living walls can even be designed to reflect a particular brand or image. Living walls can also be turned into archways, built around windows, or constructed around doorways. This flexible and innovative design has already attracted attention at the Planters headquarters, and now it’s available throughout the rest of the United Arab Emirates.

Intriguing Advantages of Living Walls

Living walls are much more than just an attractive decoration – though they certainly are attractive. Living walls in Dubai are changing the appearance of the city, bringing nature back to urban areas that can be otherwise cold and uninviting. These living walls are also helping reduce atmospheric pollution, with plants absorbing chemicals and pollutants in the air, and converting carbon dioxide into oxygen. When installed in busy urban areas, living walls help purify the air and create a more natural environment for everybody in the city.

Businesses are also saving money by installing living walls. These walls reduce cooling costs by absorbing the heat of the sun before it hits the wall of a building, meaning air buildings quickly become cooler. They also help provide insulation, so a building will typically not need to use heating systems on mildly cold days.

Buildings can save money, look more prestigious, and even reduce noise levels. Noise from busy city roads is absorbed by the plants, and buffered by the air gap between the walls and the panels. This ensures that offices and commercial space stay quieter even during rush hour.

A Proof of Concept for a Landscaping Revolution

Planters is changing the way businesses think about exterior landscaping. Companies across Dubai and Abu Dhabi can transform their properties, care more for the environment, and set an example for other companies. This proof of concept wall at the Planters headquarters is about to change the face of UAE cities.
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