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Living Green Walls in Commercial Indoor Space
Updated on 18th Apr 2013 by Planters
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What are Living Green Walls? 

These walls are vertical gardens, grown to enhance the environment and inject beauty into everyday urban spaces. What was once a stark concrete is transformed into a forest of greenery that instantly uplifts the environment. A Living Green Wall is a statement of both intent and originality; not only does it benefit the environment; it is also a piece of art in its own right, demanding to be seen and declaring its individuality.

Living Green Walls in Commercial Indoor Space
Plants have been a part of natural life for our entire earthly existence, so it is no surprise that humans have an affinity with plants and greenery. Therefore, the beauty of a Green Wall is that it is a highly inoffensive work of art that is always beautiful; always spectacular.

Where are Living Green Walls Built?

Indoor Living Green Walls Either stand alone, or are integrated into an existing wall, they are a simple solution that can dramatically transform an area of urban wasteland, or indeed any public space. Green Walls are commonly created in environments such as shops and shopping centres; cafes and restaurants; schools and universities; galleries, offices and hotels. The applications truly are limitless. As long as there is vertical space, these natural marvels can be infused into the infrastructure.

The Benefits of Living Green Walls

 Landscape with Living Green Walls All too often, modern infrastructure consists of four concrete walls doused in a bland white paint; hence   the benefits of plants are often overlooked. Yet it is  no secret that plants have been scientifically proven   to be emotionally uplifting, to lower blood pressure   and increase well-being " among other positive psychological responses " and these effects are only multiplied when a living wall is present. Aside from psychological perceptions, and the sheer beauty of Living Green Walls, they also dramatically improve our air quality by producing oxygen and adding humidity to the air. Increased levels of oxygen boost concentration, while humidity in the air improves your immune system, aids mobility of muscles and joints, and is also very beneficial for the skin. A wall takes up virtually no floor space while significantly enhancing the aesthetics of a previously conventional wall. Vertical space is very rarely used to its full potential, but regardless of whether a Green Wall is placed indoors or outside, it improves the environment it is constructed in.

Variations and Plant Maintenance

Variation and Plant Maintenance Planters specifically tailor living walls to suit your needs; altering the shape, size, and plant selection within the wall to create the environment and overall effect you desire. Living Walls can be built indoors or outdoors, with plants that match the amount of light in the chosen area. Should you wish your Living Green Wall to keep its refined look over a period of time, plants that grow neatly can be chosen; however, it is equally viable to create a dramatic Living Green Wall with wild, cascading plants that create an enchanting and tranquil escape.
Living Green Walls have an integrated drip irrigation system that both waters and fertilises the plants. Due to the materials used, the moisture does not spread past the plants and will not damage the structure of the building. Planters' living green walls come with a one year guarantee and professional service agreement to ensure your living wall maintains its splendour.

Redefining Nature with Living Green Walls

Living Green Walls Using Different Plant Types While Plant Walls are astounding in whatever location, plants do tend to grow more sparsely  in the Middle Eastern region; for this reason, the visual impact of a Living Green Wall becomes even more intense. It provides a drastically different experience, and transforms an area unlike anything else; it is more encompas-sing than art and incorporates both the beauty and health benefits of nature. A living wall, especially in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and throughout the Middle East, sets you aside from the rest; it is fresh and captivating and exists as a strong pledge to improve the environment around you. If you are interested in Planters' Living Walls, or if you would like more information, please call us on +971 4 388 3283 or email
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