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Green Fortune Plantwall
Updated on 4th Feb 2014 by Planters
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Planters represent a number of famous global horticultural companies in the Middle East as their sole distributors. These connections allow Planters to offer their clients the best products and services worldwide.

Green Fortune

Planters supply and maintain both interior Living Green Walls and Plantwires from the Swedish company Green Fortune. Living green walls are vertical gardens, taking up much less space than traditional plants, while Plantwires utilize the space in a different way; hanging from the ceiling down through the centre of a building. These concepts were introduced to the Middle East by Planters and they offer a modern and multidimensional approach to interior landscaping.

Green Fortune is a forward-thinking company who aim to fully integrate plants within our everyday environments, bringing us closer to nature's benefits.

Green Fortune Plantwall

Planters Artificial

Planters Artificial is Planters' sister company, providing preserved palms to clients within shopping malls, hotels, showrooms and large offices. Preserved palms allow native trees to be used in interior spaces which do not provide the conditions required for live specimens. Their materials are harvested directly from real palm trees, ensuring they bear the closest possible resemblance to living palm trees.

Scotts and Phostrogen

Scotts and Phostrogen plant fertilizers are used and distributed by Planters to ensure healthy plants with a well developed, drought-resistant root system. Interior plants require more attention than exterior plants because they do not receive their nutrients from the external elements. For this reason, Planters use the best fertilizers available and the results can be seen in the beauty of their plants. These products are available to the gardening public at quality garden stores throughout the region.

Al Quoz Fibreglass

Al Quoz Fibreglass is another sister company of Planters, who provide fibreglass plant containers, produced under licence from their UK partner Livingreen LLC., These containers are the latest designs, thoroughly modern and exclusive to Planters. Having their own facility, allows containers to be produced on-demand and in any colour required to suit existing décor. Planters also source their high-end containers from other prestigious companies around the world in order to cater to a wider range of clientele.

Fibre Glass ContainerContainer Fibre Glass

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