Using the Power of Plants to Transform Hotel Interiors
Using the Power of Plants to Transform Hotel Interiors
Updated on 29th Jul 2015 by Planters
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Plants in Hotel Interiors

Plant installations within hotels work in tandem with the architecture and interior design to transform a plain space into one of elegance and intrigue. Of all interior and exterior designing aspects, captivating environments are created most easily and inexpensively, through the use of naturally unique plant displays.

Interior landscaping in the Le Royal Meridian Hotel, Dubai, by Planters Group

Multiple Benefits

Far from just being aesthetically pleasing to hotel guests, interior landscapes are also practical. They help to absorb echoes within spacious or marbled interiors particularly the Mosswalls and also provide a functional form of decoration by filling any empty or unused spaces so that even when filled with fewer people, the hotel does not seem too large, daunting or deserted.

Interior landscaping in Radisson Blue, Abu Dhabi, by Planters Group

Functional uses of Plants in Hotel Interiors

Interior plant displays play a crucial role in creating the tranquil and stress-relieving atmosphere that every hotel desires to emulate. They can also segregate certain areas off to create private portions that will not disturb others. This is especially useful for internet zones, waiting areas, and for sectioning off female-only areas.

The Transformational Power of Plants

Any public area can be transformed by introducing interior landscapes, from dining and function areas to hotel lobbies, courtyards, and atriums; even indoor pools can benefit from biophilic design.

Plants and trees are the perfect way to section off an area and render it both secluded and relaxing to guests. Landscaping within guest rooms, especially bridal and penthouse suites, can also add to the guest's sense of calm and enjoyment.

Interior landscaping by Planters Group in the JW Marriott Hotel, Bur Dubai.

Best Left to the Professionals

It pays for hotels to outsource their interior landscaping and maintenance as experienced companies such as ours know the light restrictions, safe installation and proper upkeep procedures to produce beautiful displays and secure a solid return on investment.

Interior landscaping by Planters Group in Movenpick hotel, Dubai.

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