Plantwall Project: Light Space Design
Plantwall Light Space Design
Updated on 13th Jan 2015 by Planters
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Light Space Design is an interior architecture firm who focus on individualised spaces, so it was their vision from the start to have a large, living green wall installed that would serve as a focal point and demonstrate their unique position within the market.

A stunning forest of 900 plants were installed over two walls that span 35m, taking centre stage within a stylistic minimalist interior. Planters worked closely with the owner to achieve the required plants design combined with their lighting requirements; five different species were systematically planted into the wall to create the dramatic and impactful visual that it is now.

Plantwall Light Space Design

This inspiring living green wall stands proudly in the Light Space Design showroom, providing an impact that not only lets their clients know they have come to the right place, but also leaves them with a lasting impression that they cannot help but share.

Living Plantwall

Light Space Design
expressed their happiness with their finished and matured Living green wall that sits beautifully in their Al Quoz showroom in Dubai. Planters continue to maintain the Green wall to keep it in top condition and replace any plants that fall below their high standards.

Greenery - Living green walls and Wires in particular - significantly lifts an environment, transforming an everyday space into an impressive outlet and a very pleasant experience. Green walls themselves provide an impressive way to incorporate greenery within interiors and utilise otherwise unused vertical spaces.

Plantwall and Plantwires

Please contact Ryan Ramos of Planters for more information on how a Living green wall could transform your commercial space: call +971 4 388 3283, email or visit

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