Creating Productive Environments using Biophilic Design
Plantwalls Biophilic Design
Updated on 9th Mar 2015 by Planters
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What is Biophilic Design?

Biophilic design is the theory, science and practice of adding living plants and natural elements to the workplace. It incorporates natural elements into the built environment in response to an innate human craving for nature. By harnessing the collective connection to nature, biophilic design can bring numerous benefits into our everyday working and living spaces.

Plantwalls Biophilic DesignIt is often the case that we don't take enough time to immerse ourselves in nature, but more and more businesses are beginning to turn their interiors back into the living environments we have been surrounded by for millennia. So what exactly is it that is causing this shift?

Studies into the effectiveness of Biophilic Design

Researchers at Cardiff University compared the productivity levels in two offices, one with natural elements (e.g. live plants) and one without. What they found was that the offices with the natural elements had a 15% rise in output amongst employees within three months of implementing this into the design.

Biophilic Plant Design

Additional studies have shown the following benefits to be true when natural elements - including plants, water features and natural light - are present within the working environment:

  • Significantly higher levels of productivity
  • Higher levels of happiness, creativity and motivation
  • Lower levels of stress
  • Lower levels of absenteeism
  • Lower staff turnover

Increased Revenue

The scale of benefits biophilic design provides is directly reflected by the number of organisations who have begun to embrace it. Businesses are beginning to appreciate that physical surroundings are just as influential as management styles and workloads in affecting people's experience at work.

There is clear evidence that directly links biophilic design to a greater organisational output, therefore businesses looking to perfect their working experience are commonly regarding biophilia as a very rewarding area of focus and investment.

Interior Biophilic Design

As it is often natural settings which people find the most appealing and aesthetically pleasing, these environments can be replicated within the workplace to create an atmosphere instilled with positive emotional experiences, combined with a healthy ROI.

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